Virtual host can also achieve pan domain function

              if you have a multi-user system, such as multi-user blog (oblog, xspace), SNS (UCenter Home), multi-user Mall (Taobao C2C, B2B Alibaba), even as long as there is a user registration system (CMS, BBS) etc.. If you provide users with similar two domain name, I believe your users must like.

              but the general virtual host can not be bound pan domain name, can not provide members with two domain name ( ). In this case, we developed a pan domain forwarding function, so that any one of the virtual host, can have pan domain function!

              implementation method:

              as long as you do in accordance with the following three steps, we do not have to open you, we do not have to become a member, you can immediately use the.

              the first step is adding pan DNS to (note the back of a point "."

              enter your domain management background, add * to CNAME records

              if even the extensive domain name analysis does not support, you can only change a DNS service provider (DNSPod).

          set up, you can look at Ping * is not resolved successfully. If you can, then the first step

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