Health brand new ideas do business with the electricity supplier channels


technology news July 24th afternoon, the health care industry in Chinese has been very fragile, slightly collective slump will make wind sways grass industry. Remediation from the environment is short-term bad, for the long-term development of the brand is a rare opportunity. Domestic health care giant giant investment in health care brands Dr. Rossello teamed up with suppliers in France began to try in the electricity supplier channels.

use the Internet to do health care products

was founded in 2010, initially wanted to do an electronic business platform, while doing their own brand health care products. Around 2010 is the electricity supplier cold period, a large number of e-commerce sites did not wait until spring, and Dr. team from most of the giant naobaijin team, they finally decided to do things their own good, attention to health, to do its own brand of health products.

according to reports, Dr. Wo team had to abandon naobaijin advertising and strong ground channels to promote the overwhelming market strategy, their eyes locked in the Internet when the second venture, entirely through online channels and promotion mode, become a real electricity supplier brand "". Dr. wo use giant advantage of Internet, the rapid integration of global supply chain, its products include chondroitin glucosamine calcium, collagen powder, grape seed aloe soft capsule, all raw materials are from domestic and international first-class supplier.

, according to the relevant person in charge of Dr. Lin, which through the Alibaba (scroll information) B2C Tmall flagship store, with Juhuasuan bigger efforts to promote sales, and soon attracted a number of Internet users. Through the Internet consumers instant feedback, cost-effective word-of-mouth soon became Dr. online sales symbols, not only save a lot of advertising costs for their own good products by comparing consumers buy high quality and price, customer return rate of 33%, Dr. Wo in less than a year’s time, Tmall soon became the flagship store in TOP merchant.


, who grew up last year, faces the same industry crisis. CCTV exposure due to a number of small collagen brand hype, the use of inferior materials, the rapid development of the market so that the original collagen trust fell sharply in a sudden turn for the worse. Dr. Wo products selling (raw materials from the original collagen is also affected by the French Rossello).

in order to solve the problem of trust, Dr. Wo teamed up with Juhuasuan platform published huge advertising in the world at the crossroads of the New York Times Square: global recruitment ultimate experience division, is expected to influence the way the Internet and, through user experience to share their raw material production, production process, quality traceability.


global experience of the first station of choice of collagen products raw materials in Bordeaux, Sino French factory, through the transparent network, to publicly address user concerns.

collagen in foreign

France Rossello is the world’s leading provider of gelatin and collagen, a 120 year old company with a total of 13 manufacturing plants in the world

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