Wuhan issued the first shop business license

According to the

Chinese Voice reported, Hubei city of Wuhan Province issued the first filling. The self-employed business license recently. Now this is a web site with a business license has been advertised on the shop owner Chen Shuang. Wuhan city industry and Commerce Bureau, said the real name system has been launched in advance of the city, and will gradually push the city wide.

reporters carefully compare, the self-employed business license in the format, requirements and common business license without any distinction, only in the "premises" column, in addition to marked "Wuhan economic and Technological Development Zone of Zhuankou street, also raises the net with the URL in the Taobao online store.

according to the trade and Industry Bureau of Wuhan economic and Technological Development Zone, in the online real name registration system, according to the "Interim Measures" of the network behavior of commodity trading and related services management, the spirit of "pre trial" principle, requirements of individual industrial and commercial households in the network domain name and submit the certificate stamped confirmation, confirmed by the business sector to online verification you can fill in the entity, the business license on the web site, you can shop open license information prominently in the web page.

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