Analysis of the important direction of the network to analyze the word of mouth marketing

now, more and more traditional enterprises to join the ranks of e-commerce, e-commerce industry norms need to be built, and trust credit, image reputation is believed to be more attention to the behavior of electricity supplier companies. Qianlizhidi destroyed the colony, journey, business operators must have a long-term consideration. An irresponsible enterprise, there will always be spread to the consumer faith crisis, when consumers are no longer believe in the enterprise, it is not surprising how the enterprise can sell goods.


era began flicker of the wind, so will flicker became the most popular, but the brand is not hoodwinked by the past, even fooled the end result is still be in full swing, and even settle a matter by leaving it unsettled negative impact. If you are doing a word-of-mouth marketing brand, is a long way to go. Need to pay a lot can be, but definitely do not enter some of the errors of word of mouth marketing.

e-commerce model, like a stranger to make money to buy your goods, in addition to look at your appearance is not a crime, the purchase rate is more in the word of mouth. Rookie brand footwear B2C website shoes network is the largest brand of shoes online shopping mall, is to carry out the network marketing to shape the image of the industry, frequently triggered media attention in the industry. Even the image of well-known companies DELL is more and more in the major social networking sites and micro blog, various departments are encouraged to identify the identity of the Internet, as part of the company’s marketing and communication plan.

Why would

companies to pay in this does not look profitable link? I think, DELL chairman of the board of directors Michael · DELL word to explain its necessity and importance, "whether or not, love, these customers online dialogue is always going to happen. The question is, do you want to join these conversations?. You can learn from it and speed up your reaction time. By listening to and joining in the conversation, you will become a better company." A business enterprise that does not have good faith, how can you sell goods smoothly?

do not ignore the negative news, in fact, like the reputation of word-of-mouth marketing, once had a negative impact, it will send a get out of hand, want to restore hard, as Sprite mercury poisoning time, although the final results and not for the enterprise, but still in its sales and brand played a negative with great influence, and now the network popular on the Internet to help you eliminate the negative news of the task is the embodiment of the paste meet the eye everywhere, now the degree of attention to negative news, so must not be negative for any of the new hearing, to take corresponding measures to settle a matter by leaving it unsettled, to remedy it. Therefore, we must avoid this misunderstanding.

The success of the

website brand reputation — making shoes that enterprises should establish relevant departments and professional team of internet word-of-mouth publicity, through the media press, blog marketing, offline experience online, interactive website, promotions, update seasonal goods and so on, up to the reputation of the propaganda effect.

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