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has been in the e-book market fighting Hanvon technology, the grand literature will face new challenges, in the traditional paper books recently officially launched ebook channel, the channel name for "digital books". At the same time, as the B2C e-commerce platform of the Jingdong will also be released online mall e-book platform program, e-books gradually seize the book market has become an indisputable fact, of course, you want to spread the e-book market, the price of the reader is always one of the important reasons for the popularity of e-books insurmountable, coupled with the domestic users accustomed to free ebook lunch, the concept of change from free to paid, also need to stay in time.

accounted for the largest share of the e-reader market Hanvon technology, price decline from recent reader, network sales data, sales of electronic readers is always in the rising trend, at the same time, the competitors continue to play the price war, the general consumer groups reader prices have similar consumption ability.

at the same time, in the mobile terminal, along with the development of communication industry "3G" mobile internet terminal, constantly improve the intelligent mobile phone as a mobile Internet, the mobile phone has almost all functions of ordinary computer, apple this summer iPhone4 stunning debut, let mobile phone function more powerful. E-book as a common feature of mobile phones, although there is no professional reader of the patent effect, but for most of the pursuit of fashion group of young people, with a mobile phone to read e-books, readily come.

insiders estimate that the reader spread to ordinary readers, truly whenever and wherever possible read e-books, and accepted and recognized the e-book reader superior ordinary mobile phone browser function, need the reader to provide more preferential, the bottom line is to let readers accept the lowest. From the current market point of view, not the lack of e-book readers, but the lack of mobile e-book readers grab over marketing tools. shrinking in print book market, has been looking for a breakthrough in the book business, early in the morning, do a significant improvement, the renewal of the home page, the bookstore become a comprehensive business platform, from the B2C competition intense, undoubtedly, it is a full "the brutal competition in the electricity supplier of the road" in the Internet more and more professional differentiation today, in the opposite direction, after bypassing a detour, began the process of transformation from paper books to selling e-books, rather than compromise, but should be a nirvana.

e-book pricing, Dangdang said, no more than 10 yuan. At the same time, more than 90% of the book price in the paper version of about 70 percent off, the digital book channel will be launched at the beginning of the line of $1 ~2 ultra cheap promotional activities. At present, the price of Dangdang books sold mostly 6-8 fold around, and some even half fold, for the price of 70 percent off, consumers are able to accept, is still an unknown. "We can’t have a conflict of interest with the traditional press," he said

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