Ma internal mail full text ideal for the survival of the user is the only

          September 6th news, the chairman of the board of directors of the Alibaba group and CEO Ma last night issued a message to all employees of Alibaba entitled "ideal for survival," the internal mail. He said that the promotion of new commercial civilization, adhere to the ideals and mission to pay a huge cost, but the Alibaba never because the interests and change their appeal to all people go Ali adhere to the principles, adhere to the ideals and uphold the mission of development road.

      the following is the full text of the Sohu IT was informed of the full text:

you Ali people,

a few days ago, a friend asked me what I believe in my life!".

recently I found a lot of people are very depressed and sad Ali, a large number of network reports accused Taobao to adjust the search results, and even led to some sellers to protest at the door Taobao… To see so many colleagues very grievance, even to tears, also found a lot of young people in Taobao continue to ask: "what did we do wrong, in order to encourage entrepreneurship in Taobao, adhere to seven years not to force a shop membership fee and transaction fee, to support the development of entrepreneurs and small sellers, seven year’s day and night struggle, in return the result is all sorts of criticism, we deserve this? We choose the right way? Whether we should abandon their mission to promote new commercial civilization and return to is just an ordinary profitable company……"

was supposed to have a conversation with you earlier, to talk about my views, but recently a series of questions… Oh, I think the people must have such an experience, Ali people need time to accept all sorts of challenges, "a man’s mind is supported by" I feel wronged, Ali, people need to have the ability in the middle school. The external environment will use the brains to think of their problems and the problem of judging. Today and we exchange it for it is a time to Ali eleven anniversary, we revisit to this time last year the Alibaba to promote open and transparent, sharing, responsibility of the new commercial civilization, provide a platform for the survival and development of the world’s ten million small and medium-sized enterprises, to solve the one hundred million employment opportunities for the world. To provide a platform for the global consumption of one billion people…… When.

from the introduction of such a great mission and goals, I think we will go on a difficult road of development, we will encounter a variety of different types of resistance and difficulties. Today’s trouble is only the beginning, we will encounter more and more setbacks… To do the right thing, to stick to your ideals and your mission is to pay a heavy price, at any time. Especially in today’s China business environment, promote open, transparent, sharing, responsibility of commercial civilization will be destroyed a large number of vested interest groups, we will fight not only these vested interest groups and is the last century business practices..

some time ago, Taobao people based on defending >

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