On the road of foreign trade export enterprise B2C

a, foreign trade enterprises encountered in winter, how to get out of the woods?

How to walk out of predicament

export enterprises in winter? Do the experience of foreign trade from 2002 to the author and experience from the beginning of 2005 by B2C at the same time both at home and abroad into the mode of network B2C sales market, in foreign trade enterprises out of the current predicament is in need of real new marketing means and ways of making money. The author is engaged in the foreign trade B2C, domestic products directly through online sales channels to sell consumer experience, I think to do two things, one is to use new means of marketing, the two is to develop a new way to earn high profits. For some foreign trade enterprises, if the product is suitable for online sales, you can effectively combine the two means is to use the B2C model to carry out overseas direct sales or enter the domestic market.

two, foreign trade enterprises to use B2C mode to carry out the core role of overseas direct sales

A, earn high profits: before the factory production of products, foreign trade exports through domestic and foreign trade companies, foreign companies, wholesalers, retailers to reach the hands of consumers. The domestic counterparts of vicious competition, the global economic downturn, middlemen, layers of exploitation of raw materials, production costs increased sharply rise…… Foreign trade companies are struggling to survive on the margins, less than 3%. In almost no money or lose money under the condition of using B2C mode to carry out overseas direct marketing is the only way to earn high profits, we do foreign trade all know, there are many products ex factory price of nearly 5 to ten times the price difference with the retail price, 100 yuan of products to the United States will be able to sell 100 dollars. B2C mode can be used to skip all intermediaries, the middle profit all get their own hands.

B, foreign trade enterprises to expand sales channels, sales channels are very limited, often confined to a few large customers overseas, overseas customers will make the means of foreign trade export enterprises in the press, this is no way to export enterprises occupy the dominant position in the housing market situation. However, the use of B2C model, from the most fundamental to break the traditional trade barriers between all foreign trade, directly facing the ultimate consumer. So in the B2C model, the enterprise can get rid of the control of International Trade Corporation, which obviously has two advantages, one is to add a sales channel, two is to increase the capacity of the enterprise risk.

three, foreign trade enterprises to enter the overseas market advantage of B2C model


A, professional advantages: foreign trade enterprises to deal with products all day, and are the production of the world’s latest products, have accumulated a deep professional knowledge and industry information.

B: market advantage: foreign trade enterprises are in accordance with the international production orders, and these orders for the city’s foreign market conditions, the kind of products sell well in mind.

C: language advantage: foreign trade enterprises in order to contact with international buyers, have very good English talents >

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