Jingdong WAL MART you see the news saw the TV


once this raise a Babel of criticism of basic background information is everywhere, therefore, Ni t then do not repeat, talk about a few view directly:

1 first, the qualitative event: This is an asset replacement + strategic investment

all about Jingdong acquisition 1 shop argument is wrong, the exact statement is that WAL-MART to strategic investment Jingdong, rather than Jingdong to buy the number 1 shop, which is completely different from the two things.

occupy the active position in the favorable thing is the international giant WAL-MART, shop No. 1 WAL-MART just want to abandon the negative assets, packaged and sold to Jingdong, and the Tencent shares of Jingdong, will pat fast and easy off to Jingdong in essence is one thing.

the reason is the market of smart people have to understand that the retail business is based on a very difficult profit pit have to take the burden off to disk access man Jingdong;

The so-called

strategic investment, the real meaning is to sell shares in the AB shares structure, according to past SEC file information disclosure: the Jingdong to WAL-MART shares after the total share capital of 2912845510 shares changed, Liu Qiangdong Holdings (449444989) will be diluted to 15.4%


of Jingdong and Liu Qiangdong, this is a gradual and lose control of the initiative process (later described), previously released "the Jingdong 40 billion acquisition 1 shop" smoke bomb and a series of Jingdong acquisition Shop No. 1 reports are just hope will speak bad into good PR tactics only;

2 Jingdong marriage WAL-MART, some people see the news, some people see the drama, the value of things to put in the time line in order to correctly treat Ni uncle we look back the story line:

line: Jingdong and WAL-MART is not the first time soon, as early as 2011, WAL-MART has proposed acquisition of Jingdong, and that once Liu Qiangdong refused, it created a WAL-MART Shop No. 1.

May 16, 2011, Liu Qiangdong micro-blog said: negotiation process of Jingdong and WAL-MART mall lasted more than half a year, the valuation of all settled, but in the end not only the terms: WAL-MART Holdings Jingdong must sooner or later be able to store, until the overall acquisition, management and shareholders can get a lot of cash withdrawal, the final WAL-MART family as an investment fund one of the party involved in the financing of Jingdong.

the two sides clearly has been to maintain the relationship, the main reason lies in the past but Liu Qiangdong refused to have the annexation of Jingdong: WAL-MART desire, though it after a lapse of 5 years, but the international giants can so easily give up their ambitions?

to do business, especially big business, this is the moment with risk and transfer to a more equity overweeningly ambitious partners, this is a dance with the wolf thing, but also through the media package as "win"

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