Doubt the new network put in the new domain name security

I stand is the game site, more than 150 thousand daily visits, previously used domain name, and later enabled the domain name.

without exception, when placed in the new network domain name, the domain name hijacking for horse like menstrual like.


my station is based on the theme of the journey started, it is well known that the journey is a high consumption of the game, the value of the game gold coins and equipment than many other games a lot of times. So, I stand has been the focus of attention of many people.

a lot of people find us out of the high price to buy permission, we refused. A lot of people invaded us, we also resolved, and in the fight against hackers learned a lot of things.

, however, the domain name is hijacked, which is more helpless than anything else.

since last October, I stand was hijacked, and was transferred. The other side is the 163 mailbox brute force to get the control of the new network account, and got the identity card number of the registrant, forged the identity of the registrant.

so we use our own mail system, unfortunately, after being cracked several times, was hijacked.

every time, the other party is very early access to authority, but on Friday at 17 o’clock on time. This is because the new network at work, they left the staff on duty or say they don’t have the permissions to help us verify the identity to retrieve the password, to wait until Monday and other technical departments work to solve the problem. What we do, the consequences said, money is the temptation, but he is ignored. We use Baidu to search a person in charge of the phone, but the other side is very angry about how we know his cell phone, and that we do not look for him. How, if it is Sina, Baidu, the State Council website encountered such a problem, you still dare to do this new network, personal website is being bullied? The new network company is related to the security of the domain name of numerous domestic websites, even can say to affect network security, will you just leave a person in charge of the introduction of the product?

well, if it’s the starting point for our email, it’s our responsibility. I will not open you the new network not said. We transfer your domain name to 10 thousand nets, so no problem. But it’s not over.


in March this year, because of the development of a better domain name,, which was registered last year, was registered in the new network. For fear of a previous encounter, we have to transfer your domain name to go to the nets. So we apply for domain names. But waited for many days, have not received the new network domain name transfer confirmation mail. We call in the past and asked to know, we fill in the 8259036* mailbox is called Li Chun × the staff became 8259036×>

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