Exclusive O2O will trigger a chain effect Wowo listed

speed transit network in April 9, rating (Ding Daoshi Dean speed transit Institute) Beijing time on April 8, 2015 at 10 in the evening, when most people start to sleep, suddenly announced Wowo without any successful listing in the United States, after the opening price rose up and down, grabbed all the fragile heart.

public information Wowo listed on the Nasdaq, our opening price of $11, code named "WOWO". The day after Wowo scheduled for April 2nd listing, Wowo mall statement, due to technical failure caused the overall listing time delay. Followed by the United States and a small Easter holiday in China, the Ching Ming Festival holiday, in order to fully guarantee the interests of investors, the decision to postpone the listing time next Tuesday (April 7th).

Wo Wo Group

(foreign name is now Wowo mall) listed on the United States, although the stock opened was embarrassed to break, but virtually become the first O2O China field of U.S. listed companies. In Wowo before the sprint of shake handshandle net IPO, but midway crashed, and the U.S. group and the public comment two companies have enough strength to the market, resulting in litters won, although this one out is very painful, after will also experience cannot avoid pains.

traditional Buy mode is dead O2O immortal

Wowo and

Wo Wo Group mall although the name of only 2 words, but the reaction Chinese industry to the concept of group purchase O2O upgrade. In January 10th this year for the first time, Wowo submitted to the SEC IPO prospectus, plans listed on nasdaq. Our positioning in the "local life service business platform, e-commerce platform to provide customized services for local entertainment and life service businesses, the main business is to help local life service businesses to open online stores in Wowo platform, direct sales to consumers of the product or service.

coincidentally, the U.S. group, comment, glutinous rice have transformation, the main idea is to the transformation of the original group purchase group purchase, business upgrade to integrated O2O service provider.

Our future

decide on what path to follow

in the eyes of many people, this has as China Wowo ranked first in the group purchase website, has already lost its original position, market position is far behind the U.S. group, reviews and other enterprises. Objectively speaking, this view is right, because in the market today, the top three (meituan.com, comment, especially ahead of glutinous rice), the U.S. mission network in the field, Wo Wo Group is not a small gap.

but in my opinion, falling behind doesn’t mean there is no chance. The O2O plate is very large, in the United States after the O2O field out of the taxi drops such cutting-edge valuation of more than $5 billion out of 58 home enterprise, also the future valuation of over $5 billion or more enterprises. Our Xu Maodong is my close contact with the number of entrepreneurs, the character of Xu Maodong and Eric’s old shortcomings are very similar: greedy aggressive, not the expansion.

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