Tmall and YOKA fashion network strategic cooperation to create fashion ecosystem


technology news August 20th afternoon news, Tmall fashion platform YOKA fashion network, issued a "fashion brand" media business strategy, YOKA as a strategic partner of Tmall, and Tmall together to create a new fashion ecosystem, and in the Tmall fashion during the launch depth cooperation attempt.

this year, Tmall proposed brand fashion strategy, which is an important step in the media station Tmall fashion ecosystem. By attracting a large number of media content in the presence of fashion content, the establishment of a large number of Tmall commodity shopping guide to help brands better brand.

in 2014, the new season in autumn and winter in, the media station service providers will help Tmall platform for the brand to provide one-stop fashion solutions. The "Tmall style" line includes custom fashion blockbusters, create fashion show, to achieve synchronization with the T brand new starting the whole network, and the watch and buy innovative technology; the establishment of the special online shopping guide, to provide consumers with the fashion trend of international fashion with step and purchase recommendation plus, on-line version of the watch and buy – every online shopping consumers can watch all the videos online and immediately Click to buy.

YOKA+ Tmall

currently, YOKA fashion network as the first Internet media stationed in Tmall, has opened the official media station. YOKA was the four matrix fashion network, men’s network, mobile media, and hundreds of electricity supplier shopping guide Associated Media together to create YOKA Tmall media station, YOKA trend reports, big trend interpretation, release the essence of the content in YOKA website and YOKA Tmall media station released.

The annual Tmall

four theme activities of "autumn new fashion", YOKA will serve as the exclusive online partner, builds up the numerous stars and celebrities, fashion media editor and senior fashion editor, ICON and other fashion fashion trend Master opinion leaders, in the Tmall platform jointly released this season trend trend, design direction, hot single product and collocation guided by new media authority are new content consumption patterns and shopping guide fashion electricity supplier, Tmall users to bring a different fashion shopping experience.

YOKA fashion network president Zhou Jun talked about the cooperation, the biggest beneficiaries are consumers and users, advocate "YOKA and Tmall cooperation to create fashion, will direct docking grade and quality, the user can directly in Tmall’s top fashion trends and single product package to buy home. When the most fashionable new media leading the most experienced electricity supplier platform, resulting in huge energy is full of expectations." He said.


media station is responsible for that, YOKA and many other fashion media cooperation, will further enhance the Tmall fashion sense, fashion DNA for Tmall, to enhance the user quality taste and brand value of Tmall. Tmall users will enjoy staying at home, no time difference of the received signal zero distance fashion from Milan, Paris, New York and London, "shopaholics" will directly receive "wear PR>

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