Yiling pharmaceutical business online wait for the nternet sale of drugs deal landing

is expected to become more intense in the context of the Internet drug policy is expected to increase the enthusiasm of enterprises involved in pharmaceutical electricity supplier is growing.

August 28th, Yiling pharmaceutical announced in Beijing to enter the field of electronic business, the company’s business platform Yiling Yiling healthy city officially launched, endorsement of its products until the field star Zhang Tielin. The former Jingdong medical city executive director Shao Qing as general manager of Yiling healthy city electricity supplier division, and meet the public for the first time.

said Yiling Yiling pharmaceutical, health city and physical pharmacy, Hebei Yiling Yiling hospital made a "health product supply chain", provide the science of health education, disease to consumers on the Internet, how to guide consumer health. In twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter Yiling healthy city official website, found that there have been "seeking doctors", "seeking health" doctor-patient interaction function.

interesting is that Shao Qing’s old club, Kyushu pass (600998.SH)’s good pharmacist site was originally scheduled to be held in August 28th on the line five anniversary celebration. But because the Yiling pharmaceutical electricity supplier on the line after the activity, also held a large-scale pharmaceutical business alliance forum, many industry insiders in Kyushu, "forced" to August 29th to celebrate.

despite the menacing Yiling healthy city, but the industry is also questioned. Earlier insiders pointed out: "as a Yiling pharmaceutical production enterprises, no product and channel advantages, heavily to build electricity supplier uncertain."

Yiling pharmaceutical water and electricity provider

Yiling pharmaceutical business plan, the first exposure to the 2013 annual report of the company.

2013, Yiling Yiling pharmaceutical established health city e-commerce company, the registered capital of 5 million yuan. Since then, the company has been trying to apply for Internet drug sales license, so that does not have any business, Yiling healthy city in 2013 is only a loss of 409.72 yuan.

Yiling healthy city first known in March this year, a company equity incentive announcement suddenly announced that the general manager of the company health care business Tang Lianmao has to leave at the end of 2013. Health care is one of the focus on 2013 Yiling pharmaceutical investment field, investment of 48 million yuan, the main products are the dream, Wang Jinli two health beverage. Tang Lianmao was the general manager of Pepsi Cola company in Zhengzhou, the arrival of Yiling but one year.

dream, Wang Jinli these two unknown drinks at that time almost nowhere to be found, they are only available in their business platform Yiling Yiling healthy city. Yiling healthy city site quickly led the market’s attention, but the rough page obviously and then pushing the Yiling pharmaceutical business misfits.

in fact, then have to Yiling Yiling pharmaceutical health city capital of 45 million yuan, the registered capital reached 50 million yuan. But at the end of December 2013, Yiling pharmaceutical Jingdong hired city executive director Shao Qing, hoping his experience will be.

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