Choose the classic myth

believe that everyone has a unique choice of domain names, I also talk about the novice to choose the domain name of some errors

?? select the domain name should be no more than a few letters? This is not absolute standard, the provisions of the present is a combination of a domain name can contain up to 67 letters and numbers (3 letters including suffix), international domain name registration organization domain name is very long, so the number of domain names. Only relatively. If you can do 5 characters, of course, the best, but do not have too much limitations, only as a reference.

? 1 convenient memory

? In order to let others understand and remember, in addition to the number of characters, easy to remember is also a very important factor. Generally speaking, the common vocabulary is easy to remember, however, other special effects or pronunciation of the domain name is easy to remember,


? 2 should not be confused with other domain names

?? the cause of domain name confusion may have several, one is said above to form a domain name of the two part of a hyphen; the second is the domain name suffix.Com or.Net belong to different owners

? 3 is not easy to spell

?? this point is also very important, misspelled domain name, just like the wrong number, sometimes even competitors will be caused by an immeasurable loss, have found an interesting domain first saw that this domain name is very good, careful analysis, found that W too much. It is easy to input errors, some websites rely on others to increase the number of clicks on the spelling mistakes. In addition, the number of characters of the domain name abbreviation combination of characters or irregular and domain names are likely to cause spelling mistakes.

? 4 related to company name, trademark or core business

We see

?? "", will think this is IBM’s domain name, see "" or "" domain name will think are online travel or auction sites, this is undoubtedly a huge wealth, no wonder some special domain name can be sold for millions of dollars. Because of this, some business name or trademark was registered as a domain name, to spend a lot of money to solve.

? 5 avoid cultural conflict

? A regular company with " Hitler " ( as a domain name is obviously inappropriate.

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