Electricity generation operation the rapid growth of decryption chaos

NetEase Francisco April 15th evening news, there are some companies that they do not burn without promotion, the net profit of up to 10 percent; their annual sales of hundreds of millions of yuan, and annual 300% increase in high-speed growth; their fierce competition, thousands of billions of food market. They are the electricity supplier on behalf of the operating company – traditional brands to test the waters of online channels shortcuts, an important part of the Taobao ecosystem, the electricity business of the heterogeneous".

increased by 300%: after a few years will be the golden period

Tmall last year sales growth of nearly 300%, the growth rate will not be less than this value, as several of the largest Taobao TP (Taobao Parter Amoy) one of the XinDa COO Deng Gang to Xingchang team set the goal is to "outperform", they have to do.

throughout the industry, this data is slightly higher, but also to some extent reflects the growth of the generation of operating companies. According to NetEase science and technology, including the North Alliance, the ancient star and many other companies on behalf of the previous year’s growth rate of more than 100%.

and vertical B2C/ group purchase money expansion, the rapid growth of the harvest at the same time, the generation of operating companies earn the money: "in addition to a handful of small companies to enter the new generation, most operations are profitable," beauty beautiful makeup general manager Huang Tao said, beauty beautiful makeup sales last year net profit of more than hundreds of millions. 10 percentage points.

can not lose its business model. Do the traditional brand operation take basic services and sales into the model, which is the basis of service fee is generally 50 thousand yuan (basic service only Taobao store), if need operation website, provide data analysis, storage management and ERP system integration, customer service and other services, single charge up to millions of dollars; in addition a certain proportion, the generation of operating companies can also get online sales as a commission, generally 10% to 15%.

can be profitable, on the other hand is to do on behalf of the operator does not need to advertise and promote. B2C and group purchase is an independent brand, we need to do is to promote the brand, service and management, by sellers is the customer (such as Maybelline) brand, "Huang Tao concludes.

Ari previously released "2010-2011 service China third party E-commerce Market Research Report" shows that the year 2010 Third Party e-commerce service market has exceeded 10 billion, due to the generation of operating companies also provide system integration, logistics and other aspects of the service, and amazing growth. Rough estimates, the current electricity supplier on behalf of the operation of the market size of nearly ten billion. "Now is the initial development, the next few years is the golden period of" Bei Lian Lu, Albert COO from that generation operation more than 90% of customers for the traditional brand, the current test water and electricity enterprises accounted for only a very low proportion. Market education work has been completed, tens of thousands of well-known brands in traditional industries, electricity providers do is the trend of the next few years there will be a centralized outbreak".

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