Personal views on the pattern of e commerce in the past 09 years

the latest Internet news is in order, including the launch of Microsoft search Bing (Bing) "Microsoft search advantage needless to say, but always feel awkward.

The name

first I feel special twist, how can’t spell "will be" felt "disease"… Fine words do not talk much.


can’t see it, then I’m going to ignore it for a while.

into the theme: to the existing, a lot of online payment methods

1 Taobao, Tencent, Baidu, eBay and four families of four kinds of third party transactions Dingli led.

2 UnionPay led by a variety of banks, including the Construction Bank as the representative of the card and the industrial and Commercial Bank of China as the representative of the U shield.

Mobile wallet

3 mobile "(because of the use of the network, mobile phone payment is a very important payment, so we also put it into the ranks.

)The future development trend of


with the development of electronic commerce, the C gradually transformed into the trend of B (CtoC into BtoC) already can not be questioned, but also BtoC inevitable stage gradually toward the vertical segments, there will be a lot of e-commerce stands the future e-commerce company of each company, each station will also be the absolute advantage of the industry (the number of members, including price, loyalty)

and what kind of people have the advantage to do BtoC.

personally think there will be two situations:

1 production enterprises to do their own e-commerce station.

For example, Shenzhen Ming Dian

Eslite – SKYWORTH’s.

2 agents will use their own traffic, price, brand to do their own e-commerce Station – specialized vertical e-commerce station.

For example:

ou kuwang – Ali’s bookstore Dangdang, etc..

3 small family business personal store will be completely canceled (also may become second-hand flea market – there may be the way of SNS


and at this time, the payment will be as a credit authentication system appears.

1 integrated stations will be replaced. There is no advantage in doing anything, and at the same time, operating costs lead to commodity prices can not take advantage of the

2 people will be accustomed to shopping search shopping.

3 will focus on the credit rating of this station.

4 will be concerned about whether the station can carry out third party transactions.

– the next two will be paid by the third party as an important profit point.

– the site also needs to have its own "integrity"! Of course, this need and shopping search business combination.

that’s why

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