The United States took the lead in the opening of the 12 double opening war cited public electricity

in a number of electricity providers have entered the 11 subsequent adjustment period, the United States took the lead in the opening of the dual opener, once again become the focus of the industry. Recently, the United States announced the 12 online activities of the theme of the "love", from December 3rd officially kicked off the promotion of the double 12. A series of awesome activities immediately exposed, in addition to the continuation of the double 11 "really low" characteristics of the three, launched daily zero cash grab, to raise the public love experience, red appliances over hundred thousand less creative interactive activities, and strive to provide users with better than double 11 shopping experience. It is worth noting that the United States online this lightning attack, causing all the electricity supplier collective follow-up, Taobao, Jingdong, have also released two 12 information related activities.

appliances 6.9 fold 5188 yuan, iPhone6 intensity comparable to double 11

is reported that the United States and the United States online double 12 closely around the theme of love, to meet the needs of different groups. 3 December – 5 day opener "love early banger", home full of hundred thousand less, an average of 6.9 fold; 6 – December 7 "men love variant", 3C straight down 800 yuan, 12 yuan second outdoor equipment; December 8th "hot mom love beauty, beauty 0 yuan purchase, baby articles 3 fold; December 9th" eat goods love food benefits, food and beverage 1 yuan second million items 3 fold; October 10, 12 days are three days and nights of all categories of double 12 big benefit war.

it is understood that the United States online this dual 12 input of resources, preferential policies will be less than 11, especially in the field of home appliances, each section of the specification and size of price hit a record low, such as the SANYO 40 inch color TV 1798 yuan, SONY 48 Inch high-definition TV 3999 yuan, 3199 yuan SIEMENS 218L three door refrigerator, SKYWORTH cool open 42 inch LED energy-saving intelligent network TV 1999 yuan, the United States (Midea) F50-15WA1 electric water heater 799 yuan, Little Swan 5 kilograms full automatic washing machine 898 yuan, iPhone6 supply and low price to 5188 yuan…… In addition, in December 3rd, Gome online chairman Mou Guixian will also rate 11 executives in turns to user acts as a shopping guide, then, the head of business system will bring special price commodity debut back to consumers, the consumer to enjoy the pleasure of shopping, called a "home appliances festival". Factory direct supply 100% authentic licensed price guarantee for 30 days, you will lose 300 dollar Jingdong, 120 city logistics, time limit of 30 days, no reason to return, 180 days replacement, appliance recycling, extended warranty and customer service service, will continue 11 double standard.

all the people love to grab cash red envelopes

double 12 period, Gome online in addition to the whole category of concessions, in order to attract more users to participate in, also introduced different from the double 11 interactive gameplay innovation, such as zero for love, daily cash grab envelopes, slot machine draw. Zero cash grab is the United States for online users to prepare special benefits, December 3 – 5 consumers can use a total of $1 to grab $5 universal cash coupon, in December – 12 – >

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