Houma municipal government network network teamed up to promote music as life or layout

news August 18th, led by the Shanxi Linfen province party secretary Yue Puyu, vice mayor Wang Zhenyu, municipal Party Secretary and office director Hu Xinqi, Houma mayor Duan Huigang, Xiangfen county magistrate Qiao Feihong, Shanxi Strategy Group Chairman Li Haixia and other members of the delegation to visit in August 16th as the holding. LETV LETV, founder and chairman of Jia Yueting CEO holdings, LETV holding vice chairman, Li Rui attended network network CEO, and led the delegation to visit the music related products and research and development center. The two sides were introduced as well as the development of music holding Linfen overview, and signed a number of strategic cooperation framework agreement.


Linfen municipal Party committee secretary Yue Puyu (left), deputy mayor Wang Zhenyu (left three), LETV holding vice chairman Li Rui network network CEO (left two)

site, the two sides will promote cross-border trade, cultural consumer goods consumer market upgrade layout, optimize the industrial structure of Linfen city level to reach consensus on cooperation, or will take this opportunity to find a strategic level of cooperation depth. During the period, Li Rui describes the development of the capital and business network network path planning. At present, network network is focused on creating the global quality of supply chain. Take the opportunity to partner with Shanxi strategic network network strategy group and other high quality cooperation, reinforce the bonded logistics infrastructure sectors, strengthen the global quality of supply chain key ring – "eco POP" service platform, to provide services for the whole industry chain of cross-border ecological industry partners.



founder and chairman Jia Yueting and vice chairman, as the holding network network CEO Li Rui

this, Yue Puyu said that Linfen will support more inclusive, of policy, encourage and support the music as the ecological model in Shanxi Linfen air plant. In recent years, Linfen continue to accelerate the construction of logistics infrastructure, including: Linfen railway, highway network expansion, Linfen civil aviation airport navigation, Shanxi bonded logistics center. The city has formed a land, sea and air three-dimensional transport network of logistics, and music as a conspiracy to create a good foundation for cooperation in the field of consumer goods. On the same day, as music holdings, Shanxi strategy group, the Houma municipal government signed a joint three parties to create the Midwest consumer goods wholesale distribution center agreement. Music holdings and the Houma municipal government signed a cooperation framework agreement.


music as holding, Shanxi strategy group, the Houma municipal government signed three Midwest consumer goods wholesale distribution center agreement

network network and Shanxi strategy group, the Houma municipal government cooperation gradually into the deep water area. Earlier this year, the Houma municipal government policy group, represented in "wine life Ecological World Strategy Conference and network network signed a strategic cooperation memorandum. It is reported that Shanxi strategy >

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