The second hand car electricity supplier in the winter with advertising burning heating

used car electricity supplier

the winter cold, the second-hand car market is staged with a War Within Three Kingdoms.

after the car market is a direction of exploring unknown areas, with a period of time before the car type applications such as washing, washing and other Kung Fu e cut a large number of fallen, high frequency low frequency mode is confronted with the reality embarrassing, but in an opposite logic, the second-hand car to fight but A new force suddenly rises. conspicuous.

last year, most of the used car agency is a regional line of service providers. In Internet plus rapidly penetrated into all sectors of the situation, the B2C C2C mode, the second-hand car dealers also swarmed into the sky. In the future for this trillion market in the process of electronic business platform have tried to burn, brush the presence of advertising.

used car ads do well, as the second-hand car dealer Hao

of brainwashing which is stronger, kichiku advertising who can carry? Do the excellent letter to B2B for years in order to enhance the competitiveness of the C end, spent the first thirty million to buy four "The Voice of China" finals 60 seconds of advertising time, broadcast a shocking "on the excellent letter of second-hand car" kichiku video advertising, then announced the network version of the 180 million yuan title "brothers" in the third quarter run. In addition to the two Avenue hard food, there are a lot of advertisement, put on Iqiyi video website online on building advertising.

But in the market before the

CEO Hao Yang Chung view, advertising is their own turf. 58 city and go to the market in the match for many years, advertising has not lost. Unlike the excellent letter of second-hand car second-hand car on entertainment, seeds taken down to earth in the way of brand building. From September 6th the seeds of second-hand car advertising comprehensive start line, put on the category involves television, network video, advertising, video, LED bus and subway station etc.. Melon second-hand car official has said that the initial advertising budget of 200 million yuan, the next year will invest $1 billion for market expansion. The budget is high, ambition is big. Yang Haoyong want to be covered by the end of the year 60 cities nationwide, occupying the market share of C2C.

advertising is the art of throwing money. Everyone before the car can only look at the opponent "and" armed forces and their full range of laying advertising, with the reputation of marketing. In August of this year has finally announced the completion of the strategy by the Tencent led a $85 million C round of financing, valuation reached $500 million, then immediately invited actor Huang Bolai endorsement. Spent 50 million of the advertising, the same period on the network is also put a ghost video, a great brainwashing effect, the formation of mass destruction spread.

advertising, pre emptive or in human


excellent letter asked the 11 stars, all cars carefully create ghost video, as well as the seeds of the car can be seen everywhere, how exactly these effects?

in order to measure the effectiveness of advertising, the reporter interviewed the three main face of the C side of the used car opponents in Baidu >

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