Ali mother certification service alliance strong debut

      after Ali mother after previous low-key operation, successively in September and October respectively, launched the "recommended Award" and "Antz plan", the main content of a series of activities all around a point: money; but the mom is not without money orders, but targeted, mainly for webmasters to carry out publicity and promotion.

      from the website recommend a reward of 20 yuan, to recommend more than more stationmaster income, is a direct result of individual stationmaster bound viral marketing, overnight, the webmaster network forum and the mom propaganda hot tide rush, the experience in the promotion of union veterans is as the acme of perfection. Recently, a plan, but also controversial Ali mother promotion model, to a new climax:

      certification service provider program:

      certification service providers can organize and service a number of Web sites to form a coalition to help advertisers and the alliance’s site to reach a deal. The main difference is that: in the past, and before the recommended award is the recommendation of a 20 yuan to take the take away, but now the webmaster in addition to 20 yuan referral fee, after Ali mother ferry 50% technical service will be returned to the relevant recommendation.

      if from a strategic perspective, Ali’s mother certification service provider is very offensive. If a recommendation, a month recommended 10 sites to join Ali mother, then, a year is nearly a hundred, with Ali mother as a platform, you can build their own advertising alliance circle. Not only can get the recommended monthly expenses, can also obtain stable commissions, besides can use certification service provider, to help the site to strive for more interests, and as long as the certification service provider can bring Everfount advertising, as join website owners, can also be very comfortable.

      more importantly, such a move also opened the invisible person to enter the advertising market door, as long as the polymerization sites, the flow of good, quality content, so to Ali mother as a platform to the certification service provider based on personal ads – Ali mother alliance mode immediately before the formation. People want to do advertising, not only have deep connections, to have the relevant approval procedures, the capital operation, but also bear the risk of capital operation greatly, and now join Ali mother plan, only need to have the net station resources can be found by advertisers, mom, mom will pay money by Ali. Even the payment is the use of Alipay, and there is no problem in advertising costs, for a large number of web resources for friends, is indeed a good news.

      compared to the amount of deduction in the general advertising alliance, delinquency ratio >

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