China on the tip of the tongue detonated network food consumption

recently, the documentary "a bite of China" love caused the delicacy family sought, also brought back a lot of people searching for memory delicacy, a lot of "chowhound" and directly into Taobao, a feeding order, setting off a delicacy in Taobao wind.

set off Taobao gourmet wind

reporter in input "tongue on China", found 5869 related products, many businesses already in the shop is introduced and the name of the product, specially filling on the tongue China words. The most sales are from Hubei Wuhan’s "week coot", to reporters at the time the last 1 months have 6294 turnover of 6691 pens.

"China on the tongue," the introduction of Anhui specialty tofu, known locally as "Huizhou’s first strange, tofu long hair," said, is the Huizhou area of traditional snacks for thousands of years. Because of its particularity, rarely appear in other places, but since the tongue on the Chinese appearance, the relevant data show that the amount of search on Taobao tofu on the increase of 113 times. Other local specialty film introduction, such as Hunan, Inner Mongolia fish milk curd, Taiwan mullet, are also in the Taobao family by the local delicious hot.

relevant information, since the May 14th launch of the documentary 5 days, a total of more than 584 people on Taobao to find specialty snacks, search up to 4 million 710 thousand times the number of 20 million 50 thousand people visited the relevant page turnover of more than 729 pieces of delicacy.

addition, the tongue of the Chinese effect is not only reflected in the food ingredients, but also on the relevant cooking utensils. Data show that cooking made in the past 5 days, the number of searches rose 143.75%, a variety of pots and also an increase of 21.78%, which is used for traditional cooking pot, steamer, the largest increase in trading volume, more than 30%, while the Yunnan fried chicken used in boiler, nearly 20% growth in volume.

change spending habits

in the interview, the reporter learned that many consumers choose to watch on the tip of the tongue "China", while in the Taobao search for relevant ingredients, and this has led to a period of food consumption postponed. According to insiders, after the peak of the purchase of Taobao food category, has gradually from 11 and 16-17 when the two period, transferred to the 22-24.

in addition to change consumption time, in order to meet the needs of all "chowhound" enthusiasm, at midnight on May 24th launched a promotional album "homeopathic delicacy on the tongue, dozens of Taobao will appear in the documentary delicacy. In the interface, the reporter saw "involved in" on the tip of the tongue Chinese food from raw materials, semi-finished products, private kitchens to vacuum packed everything. The album has become a line across the country chowhound who stronghold, just 24 hours more than 310 thousand people, the amount of up to 10 million > Browse

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