Not only is Taobao chop hands will teach you to make money

began in July 14, 2016, a period of two days, Taobao Education Summer fancy activities officially kicked off. This activity is gathered Taobao education category. Including teaching you open shop, teach you to learn cooking, teach you to learn English, etc..


instead of encouraging people to buy buy buy face, and turned into teaching people to learn the skills of the instructors. Parents prefer their children to do something meaningful this summer. While the youth of youth also have more independent consciousness. Foreign young people to use their own money to make their own work to achieve their dreams, after 95 students are also more and more spontaneous want to learn to make money.


is not only a chop hand – Taobao will teach you to make money

according to the Tencent after 95 social behavior report, after the young people of the social platform for high acceptance of social networking is their essential. A higher degree of dependence on social networks. Therefore, it is easy to understand this part of the group is willing to change the status quo through the Internet to start a new path.

After all,

has enough ability to make money, buy buy buy can not chop hands feet! Teach a man to fish to fish. China’s leading electricity supplier service platform star password, and Tmall education official cooperation in the summer to do a business support activities to help you shop on Taobao. And give shop decoration, supply, operating a full range of support. Immediately to the star password Tmall flagship store grab 1 million venture capital fund, activity time: 7.14, 0 -7.15 day at 24 points. Time to buy Oh!

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