EMS the price rise to four guess may be intended for the new Pathfinder

EMS suddenly cut in the industry is like a thunder landing, this event is still There are still repercussions. Yesterday, EMS superior unit of director of Shanghai Institute China postal group Zhou Huande, said in an exclusive interview with reporters, EMS price is likely to be in the future will launch the new pathfinder. In the listing and financing, the crisis of competition, with state-owned background, big boss had to lay down and take the mode of operation is more in line with the market trend. In fact, although it may be only short-term behavior, but EMS round of price cuts have a profound impact on the industry.

intended for the new Pathfinder

for EMS in some cities Ordinary Express price 40%, insiders believe that it is not a long-term strategy for EMS, but for the future to establish a reasonable price system and conducted a test.

Zhou Huande, director of Shanghai Institute of

Chinese postal Group believes that the EMS is the market competition tactics in the part of the city before the EMS price behavior, price system has not been fully established, the short-term price behavior is not a long-term strategy and tactics.

Zhou Huande said that for the courier company, product system, the price system will be a long time before the official market planning, in order to form a brand planning after the completion of the product strategy, for now the whole process of EMS is not complete. "EMS’s current market share is declining, EMS need to establish a reasonable price system, it is necessary to study and test the market to adapt to the final formation of long-term strategy."

insiders agree that Zhou Huande’s view. The industry said that the price of the EMS may be for some of its future will launch a courier category test. The courier company for the needs of the market, launched the product diversification is the development trend in the future, SF "four days" is the economic type launched express. Courier companies in the premise of ensuring the quality of service, in accordance with the aging, service, transportation way to determine the price, the introduction of the courier market to adapt to the category of courier companies is a right choice.

breaks the private express

EMS in some cities to give up the stick for many years 20 yuan / kg of the first heavy, the implementation of low-cost strategy, private courier companies also have different views.

, a well-known courier company in Beijing district official said, EMS price is still short, did not bring the impact of private courier. Moreover, the official also said that if the price war has become a long-term strategy for EMS, the private courier will not sit still. "Will enhance the competitiveness of the service and distribution speed to ensure market share."

bes Huitong general manager Zhou Jian also said that the current price of EMS did not affect the business, at the same time, Zhou Jian said that the current Chinese e-commerce market develops very fast, as the downstream industry of the express industry is still in the stage of shortage. Private express

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