Sun Kunpeng Mall promotion is the key to the transaction

mall promotion has been a topic of lively discussion, everyone for the mall promotion and some understanding of some don’t understand, if only for a SEO friend, the mall promotion may well be a need to study the topic. For other sites, as long as there are a large number of users to browse the site, then the site can use the resources to make a profit.

for the mall users our aim not only to put the user into the site, but also to guide the user to direct consumption, so for the promotion purpose is different, the use of the methods will be different.

in the mall promotion we should always stand in the position of consumers to improve the website and to optimize the website, the user experience to do the best, so may every day of your site to the user is not a lot, but it can have a lot of turnover. This is for the promotion of the mall has been regarded as a success. So do not blindly pursue the number of site traffic and the number of users to browse the site, and ultimately we have to refer to the data is the turnover and conversion rate.

how simple and practical to improve product sales?

. For the product we want to conduct in-depth analysis, no matter for what type of website to develop programs to promote, all the bases should be established on the understanding and analysis of sufficient for goods, only the product of thorough research, and promotion of the time can always understand the advantages and disadvantages of their products, in order to be able to promote the reasonable and effective scheme and SEO.

two. Beauty website also determines the site of the transaction, looks more atmospheric website will be more than a web design general website sales much, this is no doubt, so the website should increase efforts to put the specific functions and details are perfect, to the user experience to do the best. For example: the website registration information is short, detailed introduction of the product inside the picture to use a clear big picture, these seemingly simple details are likely to improve the final turnover and conversion.

. Three page product guide is very important, a lot of customers to the website to see the product is a superb collection of beautiful things, know how to choose, to guide customers to buy good products, advertising design will show a lot of information and the main products, so as to guide a transaction. When doing SEO we can find that the customer to the home page conversion rate will not be very high, but the search to the product page when the conversion rate is indeed greatly improved. Through home clients and their purpose is not clear, so shopping is very important, if you do online shopping mall you can find through the home page advertising clients were also accounted for a large proportion.

The promotion of

mall also need to constantly study and practice, in the promotion of the time not only to combine with means of promotion methods, but also try to combine the advantages and disadvantages of mining products, only the value of the products, to make simple extension into the transaction. >

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