To the poor can not be evaluated in the Taobao shopping poor evaluation interception function to en

these two days, there are users Tucao on micro-blog, said he was just on the order of Taobao, did not have time to pay, a few seconds was forced to close the business transactions. One asked to know, the original, the use of poor evaluation of the interception function, as long as it is in any shop has been given a bad evaluation of the buyer, will be black, can not buy the product.

Modern Express reporter learned that this poor evaluation interception function, this is the business in order to stay away from the professional assessment division and the development of the third party software, but let a lot of ordinary consumers innocent lying gun". In this regard, the response given in terms of Taobao is recommended for consumers to buy a store, we can not be forced to buy."


to the poor, on the blacklist

a netizen claiming to be "senior chop hand family, three yellow V4 buyers, favorable rate reached 98%. Recently, however, she has suffered a very hurt thing: online shopping was forced to close the transaction, ask the customer service reasons, it was his marked as a blacklist buyers".

The original

, the Taobao family, widely popular with a "bad teacher blocking software, as long as the opening of the play function, once a buyer or a bad review in the comments, there may be marked as" merchant blacklist buyers ", in this case, the other installed poor blocking software business, you can automatically reject the buyers to buy things.

"100 orders, I only give 2 bad just ah! But, as long as there is a bad business will be marked as my blacklist of buyers, the whole network launched this business there, I can happily buy buy buy!" the netizen is very depressed, think this kind of software. "Compulsive buyers give praise".

customer service

sellers with third party interception software

Modern Express reporter contacted Taobao customer service, the other said, like this interception function software, belonging to the third party development, as early as two or three years ago appeared.

reporter in the online search, found a variety of similar software can be purchased. For example, called a "magic manager in bad teacher _ defense" software, "said description can be automatically closed in order to prevent the bad teacher. (see half a year ago buyers.)……"

the price of such software, ranging from 10 yuan to 84 yuan.


helpless, afraid to encounter a professional evaluation division

sell products is a good thing, why the store to install such software, the business push off? Yesterday, the modern express reporter contacted several "intercept bad owner, they said," it is in the occupation bad teacher get scared".

sells electronic products, Chen said, "one year to store up to 4 diamonds, 100%. Shop all know that these 100% won praise." However, a small deal, >

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