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Hello, welcome to A5 Taobao Taobao shop section off the story, I’m A5 Enron, today we invited the guests is the vegetation heart flagship store manager xu. The vegetation of the heart’s flagship Green Tea Mask sales have reached the whole network first, how they promote their products? Their way to success and with what? Let us walk up! Explore the mysteries of vegetation in the heart of all net sales of the first


grass heart flagship store:

High Commission: 70%

High Commission promotion code: (want to promote please apply for a high commission plan) Spm= campaignID=2877152& shopkeeperID=18990385

A5: a good manager of Enron, welcome to Taobao A5 Passenger Section story shop. First of all, a brief introduction to the heart of the grass, the establishment of the store, the creation of the brand, the development experience and the basic situation of the current store.


of vegetation in the heart: Hello! Our brand was founded in April 2010, in September of the same year, Taobao Tmall mall began operating, after several years of development in the heart has become Taobao skin care brand hundred shops, we store daily turnover in front of dozens of skin care category.

A5 Enron: what is the heart of the heart of the concept of brand management, the "heart" of the word what special meaning? Why would take the heart of vegetation, the name of it?


of vegetation in the heart: our brand for the match, only hope for people to enjoy, although not gorgeous appearance, also not only willing to compare expensive, is the best for you.


of vegetation in the heart contains 5 heart, also the core brand idea "is the vegetation in the heart of the five brand"

intentions: the use of reliable "pure natural raw materials," the pursuit of healthy beauty

sincere: at a reasonable price to provide a variety of good quality products, the pursuit of reasonable consumption, sincere treatment of each consumer

concentration: transfer the pure natural colorful, through the combination of cutting-edge research and development ability and good natural essence, bring a "five sense" to experience the joy of

love: actively promote micro public and set an example by

Thanksgiving heart: Guardian of the health of nature, practice green life

The name

was also thought for a long time, we just want to be the gift of nature into products, health and beauty will be presented as a gift to consumers, then thought of "vegetation of the heart.

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