Dangdang close to the Department of Taobao canceled a Amoy shield or settled in Tmall

May 8th morning news, previously with the Jingdong suning.com mall, the united front shielding Ali group shopping search Amoy dangdang.com, is changing towards Ali Taobao attitude: the system not only cancel shielding of Amoy, also plans to its books into the category in Tmall (micro-blog), this means that the electricity supplier from the original cooperation began to fight the enemy separately.

today, sources said, Dangdang has been canceled to prevent a crawl grab information robots.txt file. And this shield moves from the end of the year, Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong protest a direct grab Jingdong mall mall all product evaluation, and take measures to shield. Then suning.com, dangdang.com also has taken measures to shield. According to Dangdang official confirmed that this shield has recently canceled.


Dangdang official did not disclose the reasons for the cancellation of a shield, but it is expected to reach a cooperation with the Department of Taobao. Earlier there was news that Dangdang plans its books and other categories settled in Tmall mall. This is Dangdang CEO Liu Guoqing going out strategy to advance, in addition to Tmall Dangdang also plans to settle in QQ online shopping.

senior vice president of dangdang.com Yao Danqian has previously said that dangdang.com this year open platform ideas change, will involve some quality vertical B2C and large businesses, and dangdang.com is good at business will also actively expand foreign cooperation. At present, Dangdang has been the introduction of Gome (micro-blog), brewmaster network, Le Amoy settled, and plans to launch its outward advantages in the field of books.

This strategy

dangdang.com also received affirmation of Wall Street, shares also showed up, by the end of the price of $4.11, all the way up to the May high of $10.6, the cumulative increase of more than 100%.

analysts believe that the end of last year, electricity began to experience winter, in this case, common development through cooperation and promotion, is conducive to the early realization of business profit, dangdang.com introduction, the strategy of going out is to seek a more stable income. On the other hand, Dangdang and Taobao comprehensive alliance, will also form a common pressure on both sides of the Jingdong mall. (Cui Xi)

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