Where the network Zhuang Chen Chao vertical search will show explosive growth

well-known online travel sites where the network president Zhuang Chenchao recently said that vertical search will show explosive growth, vertical search in the future will help consumers choose a better consumer and products.

in the recently held in Beijing IT industry elite party "IT Longmen", Zhuang Chenchao believes that the rapid growth of Internet users Chinese has been basically completed in the next few years, so that a user oriented business, the growth rate will decline. In such an overall environment, China’s Internet will be in depth development of e-commerce. In the next 5-10 years, China’s Internet service will be closer to the developed countries, such as the structure of the United states.

based on the above judgment, Zhuang Chenchao said that the further development of the Internet will lead to the explosive growth of vertical search. There will be a large number of competitive medium-sized platform, medium-sized manufacturers, the formation of a very unique and competitive products, their competition will become more intense. Consumers receive products and services. In general, the vertical search is for a particular life needs, to provide a complete user experience, the technology is not the most critical, but it is the most consistent with the consumer life experience platform. Therefore, vertical search in the future will help consumers choose a better consumer and products.

to air tickets, hotels, for example, consumers are concerned, including airlines, suppliers of quality, the location of the hotel, price, service, etc.." Zhuang Chenchao said, the future of vertical search, the more part is subdivided in every aspect of life. With the search, micro-blog and other technologies and applications, the details of these consumers are concerned about the future is a great development direction."

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