The electricity supplier into the hardest hit by corruption corrupt bartender in Jingdong

Taobao said that if the waiter just reveals the electricity supplier industry corruption corruption of the fig leaf of words, then the Jingdong waiter corruption, is that the electricity supplier industry corruption has slipped into the deep water area, the electricity supplier can not become the case of corruption has become a business platform, but as a common phenomenon in the industry, this is obviously very great the negative impact of the electricity supplier, many experts said that the electricity supplier platform supervision should not only be a home appliance business platform through the internal standard system to complete the supervision from the legal system to improve more, but unfortunately it is difficult to achieve.

waiter why repeated exposure of corruption

now from the electricity supplier industry exposed the problem, the waiter is obviously the hardest hit. The waiter as a business platform operating the first line staff, is mainly responsible for the business and deal with, plus your little authority, has become very important business channels, many businesses want to help the waiter promotion plan, naturally cannot do without a certain meaning, so he had a similar problem and Taobao. Of course, perhaps it is the electricity supplier industry corruption of the tip of the iceberg, after all, the waiter permission is relatively low, which compelled people to produce unlimited Lenovo.

now business platform product quality is a problem of great concern, many consumers complain that their purchase of goods of poor quality, many business platform launched promotional and not high quality promotion, complete various businesses selling defective products, low quality products inventory channels. These low quality products sold to consumers, there can not be bad, that is to say a lot of bad business platform for businesses to the limit, the limit is actually corrupt bribery accomplice, as long as the business good business platform waiter or more senior management personnel, so the sale of counterfeit goods you can achieve.

so bribery money eventually completely consumers, the business exposure problem now is the waiter, because now the consumer is not so easy to cheat, he bribes to justify the cost, hence the business exposure scandal waiter, this is actually for the past unjust enrichment in pay.

rely on the internal system is obviously not enough efforts to improve the relevant laws and regulations is the key

Although the

Jingdong waiter corruption exposed after the Jingdong executives immediately respond, start step by step down inventory, determined not to let a corrupt, at the same time to improve the existing internal supervision system, complete a ton output capacity determination, but this way of internal governance, often will ultimately be revealed in the form, can not root from cut off the electricity supplier corruption fundamentally.

is actually the key question now is to improve the electricity supplier platform regulations, especially for the poor business platform system for monitoring and improvement, to further optimize the poor mechanism through legal means to promote business platform for illegal businesses through consumption.

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