Cybersquatting cybersquatting mechanism has different effect on prices

world famous as everyone knows, today’s domain name registration is mainly eNom, SnapNmaes and Pool, but under normal circumstances, we think more valuable names tend to be eNom and SnapNames in the bag, so we only have eNom and SnapNames analysis.

The same point:

two registered 60 starting at $

is the key difference between the two:

registered need certification must be Reseller and Retail users, and through the corresponding qualification to participate in the registration and bidding, not through the authentication of the user can not only participate in the auction.
the day before the specified time domain deletion request the domain name was registered

for SnapNames:

registered only registered users, registered credit card
, any bid and

because of the bidding process is different, resulting in a great difference in price between the two cybersquatting. In general the more valuable domain name cybersquatting SnapNames higher than eNom $40-80. The main reason is that the individual grabbers in the early stage, the domain name for random increase, these people are basically not registered, purely malicious trouble, this wicked thing is that a few ID, is a look at our compatriots, really Chinese. In the eNom, because these people did not get the certification of registered qualifications, plus the registration process of privacy, no one will easily bid, as occurs in the SnapNames basic situation does not increase $40.

from the recent hijacking of the situation, the four pure eNom domain name in the final price in   about $250, while in SnapNames to reach more than $300, the highest up to $350, the $50-100 price difference is the result of hostile bids.

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