Takeaway O2O burn like opium can not solve the problem


billion euros takeaway O2O platform on the customer’s high subsidies, so that customers like opium, pumping more useless, in the long run, the industry more harm than benefit. Takeaway industry is facing the fundamental problem is not solved with the O2O model and platform. In fact, the clean and health tastes and distribution.


2014 O2O takeaway industry hot, fierce fighting has been beyond my imagination, the platform burn subsidies but also for the industry to be struck dumb. I did not expect to start in 2015, hungry on the financing of $1 billion, it is estimated that in 2015 to take off more intense war. Why hungry, Amoy little, the U.S. group, Baidu, public comment takeaway O2O five giant so keen to burn subsidies? As a dozen years dining experience and understand the practitioners of the Internet, people said.

as I understand it, because the O2O platform takeaway war burn subsidies last year in the major colleges and universities, around the University City District white-collar gathered, such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like several times more takeaway company, most of this is no catering license or do not meet the health standards of black. Everyone exclaimed: takeaway O2O spring, standing on the air, pigs can fly, the wind does not catch up with the missed opportunity, so I want to know after the wind stopped? In the field of takeaway O2O entrepreneurs have two main categories: one is to "bear rice" as the representative of the rich experience in catering entrepreneurs; one is based on the "goose takeaway" as the representative of the Internet has rich experience of entrepreneurs. Two types of entrepreneurs have their own advantages, but in general, with the experience of the catering industry entrepreneurs are more likely to succeed.

takeaway O2O platform for the high subsidies to customers, just like the customer to take opium, like more useless, in the long run, the harm to the industry outweigh the benefits. Takeaway industry is not the fundamental problem faced by the O2O model and platform to be resolved, there is no significant improvement, even in some places as ten years ago.

a clean

clean in the field of health food is always the most important, before the implementation of ISO9001.ISO14001 and HACCP do not say out three management systems like Lihua Fast food, it is basically a hotel. Now take away, you can not see, can not touch, where you do not know. Since there are O2O platform takeaway TV coverage, Amoy little, hungry Mody, access the U.S. group, Baidu, public comment on these platforms for businesses more strictly. But the so-called strict, but also to see if there is no card, there is evidence on the line. In fact, many businesses also anchored the real health platform specific kitchen never concern, customers can see. I hope the big takeaway O2O platform this year, do not always want to improve the data, but too concerned about the health of your business, do not just look at the card.

two, taste

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