Clever use of pig CMS micro voting function to enhance the viscosity and spread of fans


after WeChat Red Spring Festival madness swept the circle of friends, recently, WeChat circle of friends "vote" suddenly up. Micro vote like sparks of fire, great liaoyuanzhishi.

as a pioneer in the WeChat market CMS piglet, has long been the smell of the wind, in the original development of the application of micro voting function to improve the function of the micro voting after the revision of a more fitting business promotion needs. Rose powder, fans enhance stickiness and enhance fan activity and communication rate, three, so business marketing invincible


quickly along with me, look at this little pig CMS micro voting revision what are the highlights?!

head ads attract eyeballs

new version of the pig CMS micro poll increased the head sliding ads. The function makes full use of the visitor’s browsing habits (studies have proved that the user opens the page first note to the top of the page is intended), so that businesses rely on this feature, to maximize advertising publicity and promotion. It is unobtrusive, but also adds a bit of beauty as a web page. According to the needs of businesses in the background free to add new products, promotions, promotions, promotions, etc.. Once the visitors into the web, advertising business immediately greeted immediately by probability attention to soar, not to be noticed are difficult to


for simple canvassing easier

version of the micro vote added I want to sign up function. The registration process is simple. Interested in the activities of the fans can click I want to sign up to submit relevant information to participate. Easy to click, you can apply. Not only saves the time for the fans, but also improve the enthusiasm of the fans and participation, more let fans get promoted to business.

after the revision of the micro vote for easier canvassing. The votes are not ideal? That would invite friends together to vote! As long as the activities of forwarding, you can share canvassing! Share to a circle of friends, let friends help you vote; forwarding to friends, let friends help you vote, canvassing.

with the increase in the enthusiasm and activity of fans, sharing and forwarding more and more, the spread of fission to allow businesses to promote broader coverage, more influential!

after the vote, fans can also click to view their voting records and the current ranking players.

information presented more concise voting data clearer

on the basis of the original, the pig CMS micro voting interface optimization. Voting activities start and end time, the activities presented to become concise way. Allow visitors to read more smoothly, more natural user experience.

In addition to

, the new micro voting also set the search button. In the event of more players, sliding screen to find the designated players for the fans, both time-consuming and cumbersome operation. Fans may be reluctant to participate in activities because of limited patience. Search function is a perfect solution to this problem. Powder.

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