The collision of tradition and modernity why can the game marketing

"change" is the theme of the times, everything in the world is changing, or relying on other things change. There is no eternal individual, only eternal change. As an Internet worker, I have always felt around the change, from the establishment of the traditional media hegemony, to the modern new soft impact forces. The network is increasingly prosperous, all kinds of information over the horizon, however, giving the feeling of a word "chaos", if one sentence, that is "a lot of repetitive, heavy proportion is meaningless, unable to provide users with visual impact and spiritual baptism", this is the traditional propaganda mode to bring people’s feelings. At least I think so, maybe they have a good effect at the early stage of development, but in the era of development, social progress, as people do not maintain a charming face, also need to break the traditional progress space, soft is undoubtedly the growth booster, in the fall hard advertising attention television, newspaper the effect of advertising, the actual situation is no longer obvious to occupy a space for one person, and quickly seize the market.

is also advertising, the same money, the purpose is the same, why consumers are more inclined to the latter?First of all we want to see the essence of

is to realize the enterprise of the soft, soft penetration business strategy in the advertising form, so that consumers recognize some concepts, ideas and analysis of ideas usually with the text and expression of public opinion, so as to achieve the enterprise brand promotion and sale of the product. The essence is the same with the traditional advertising, advertising, to help enterprises for product promotion and sales, and traditional advertising is the same, so the difference in? The trace to its source, is a "soft" word? Some people will ask the word is so important? The answer is very important.

a soft subversion of the fate of traditional advertising

, literally, "soft" is relative to "hard", that is to say, do not want to traditional advertising so straightforward, a few words, a few words need to obtain your approval, in order to "passive" way, giving great pressure, may be early with fresh, but think about that. The face is always "XXX", you will feel sick". Through the concept and soft appeal, specific to the facts and truth of the way to make consumers into enterprise set " thinking circle ", with strong targeted psychological attack quickly realize the product sales text mode and oral communication. For example, news, interviews, interviews, word of mouth, etc.. Close the distance between consumers and expansion plan from the user’s point of view, the information transmission enterprise subtle brand value, product, people bathing breeze, "active" to acknowledge, accept and not forget for a long time.

more than the price to get soft soil

we know that the traditional advertising costs that are very expensive, less than a few hundred, thousands, tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. I think we should have no doubt that things happen around us everywhere. We can always

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