How to prevent cheating in the site promotion

when I contact the Internet is starting from the technician, and later began to start their own site, I am good at B2C, it is also interested in, but also for this reason, I do stand on the use of CPS. I have to do to promote it with Baidu Post Bar, posting when I was crazy, N registered a number, and I’m glad that I bring a lot of traffic, every day there are hundreds of IP, no more and no less.

after a few months feel very troublesome, very tired, on the Internet to find someone to help promote, the first to do the promotion on the. Do the forum message, find a software on the Internet at that time, want to buy several thousand dollars, plus I added one of them QQ, can be said that the generation of posts, one hundred thousand posts to four hundred yuan, told me three days to finish, can arrange ten computer group, will give you a look at the screenshot I hit a soft heart, four hundred, also carefully prepared soft, and now it’s stupid, later found wrong, not what traffic, I asked under the address, the results gave me an address, faint, I write the soft behind his advertising, mad, eventually still no results.

have a lesson after I write their own software, anyway, I do technology. I design a blog group to build mass software. Write a dozen well-known blog, because of limited financial resources, can not buy expensive mass software, remember that there is a bug blog, expensive! Try to send some blog, results, perhaps they are not very good at writing soft Wen, a few days later the blog was K, perhaps is I too advertising ingredients much of it.

then I will learn how to optimize, how to write text, at this time, A5 often see articles, learn soft, I did not think I cheated, I believe this is a master, ah, when the 1000 blocks to stimulate the economy China. Later I learned so many online scammers, the liar is quite clever, he knows some optimization, soft skills began to lie to you, I also saw him at QQ in each big forum posts, he was just out of a is not soft predecessors, QQ can be stolen and I started a year thirty thousand dollars promotion expenses, what started signs a long extension, but fortunately did not cheat more money, about a month before the test, two thousand, every day there are at least two thousand IP, the first half of the promotion expenses to one thousand. How high do tricks or, after a week is said to have prepared forty article, going together, the effect will be better, then you are busy, I just received money, feeling no work, but always say big list, your list is delayed, and later opened a blog. Every day, from the Internet to collect some optimization, soft paste up, is very clever. The results of the last push and push, to second months, the address is not to give a soft text.

just do stand people are anxious mood, is this weakness, they lied to you, I often watch the news, said there are many swindlers, society really, cheat more than hundreds of less, there are tens of thousands of. I want to cheat only tens or hundreds of settle a matter by leaving it unsettled.

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