Tell you what is the use of soft

that day to see an article that no use of soft Wen, can only bring a small amount of traffic, I think this argument is not good, it is not right, now let me tell you what is the use of soft

1 increase your site of the chain: an excellent original soft Wen, often by a lot of Web site reproduced, so you can increase your site of the chain.

2 upgrade your station PR: original soft Wen easy to be reproduced by other websites, many of these sites are PR high site, although it is a page link, but the number of more, the effect can be imagined. Cause qualitative change.

3 increase the flow of your station: your station PR increased, the major search engine ranking, of course, on the front, so the traffic is also increasing.

4 to increase the income of the owners: PR increased, traffic increased, the owner’s income can not increase, unless the site is not profitable, or that the webmaster is an idiot.

so webmaster write soft is very useful, promote learning officially launched the soft text sharing plan, details of the Advisory official. This program is completely free, webmaster help each other to improve the chain!

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