Qihoo launched a website promotion skills for the 360 security guards

"if you have your own website or blog, you can use 360 security guards to promote." This is the Qihoo recently launched in the 360 security guards Personal Edition adopted by advertising. So, how to get the best promotion effect? Qihoo introduced five related skills.

skills: a customized three step

the first step: first open the custom page, click on the top right corner of the "registration" link for registration, registration, login.

second step: open the edit my personal edition page, edit some of the necessary information here, such as the site name, personality signature, site or blog address, album address, etc.. It is worth noting that, in order to be able to see your site or blog update, you need to check the "automatically get from RSS", and in the following link to fill in your site or blog RSS address.

third step: after all settings click the preview button, we can see the final effect. Click on the page in the "immediate download" can get a download page, which details the "XX 360 security guards" have the function, and provides a download link.

skills two: to promote the download site

according to the skills of a method to customize a 360 security guards, it is worth noting that the RSS address is best to choose the software update part of the day, which is more attractive to the eye of the Internet users. After the production, the download link on the site of the first page of the most eye-catching position, users can download, remember your site name, but also by 360 security guards display area again at any time to visit your site software update.

in the sky download station (skycn.com) as an example, 360 security guards V3.3 official version of the website in the cumulative number of downloads has reached about 2000000 (http://s.www.skycn.com/soft/21730.html), if the about 2000000 users all is installed "sky version of the 360 security guards", the day will bring the number of visits? To bring an average of PV per user, there are 2 million!

skills three: Promotion Forum

most of the Forum on the post provides a RSS output feature, which allows 360 security guards also support the promotion of the forum site. When you need to pay attention to the custom, try to choose the most popular post, the RSS output, this part of the post is certainly more than the recently published post more attractive to click. In addition, like Discuz, forums, etc., are provided in the post advertising function, you can customize the software download link here to promote.

four skills:

blog promotion

this trick actually takes 360 security guards as

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