Red Wangzhuan watch how promote tourism website

for the promotion of network, may be the first thought is to do a website, then promote its success, and then reached the purpose of propaganda you. I have a friend is to open a travel agency, the initial very hard, there is no one to visit, then I suggested that he do a website, the results of his non hard to pull me as a staff, let me help him do the site. After a long time, through our efforts, the travel agency is opened with an air of importance is rash and too much in haste. Although the road ahead is full of thorns, as long as perseverance and patience, and finally will overcome the difficulties, to reach the pinnacle of victory. The golden Wangzhuan experience for me to talk with some skills, hope to be helpful to do travel website this friend.

: the first search engine on the website is to let others do, can convenient from the query to the information you do on the Internet, which is the site of the benefits, such as people want to travel, direct search, what are the travel agency, and stay at home, you can find information on tours. Do a website, for the optimization of the search engine is very important.

first of all let these search engines know that we exist, you can go to Baidu, Google, YAHOO these relatively large site. There is the key word search, if friends want to travel, may be on the web search travel, vacation this kind of word. About SEO this knowledge I will not dwell on, you can go online to seriously study. There is a competitive ranking problem, conditional, then to Baidu or Google some costs, you can search out, we will be on top of the rankings. This is also a good way, but it is best in some big site above, otherwise give money and no effect.

second: soft Wen marketing law is more popular nowadays, but also to let the public to accept a promotion method, by writing the article, so that users do not consciously remember to promote things. We can go to the blog to publish, to join a number of circles, many top posts, more active. Once you attract people to your attention, you write the soft Wen is also quite interested.

is also in the forum to promote, in terms of tourism in this forum published their own soft wen. Can also be about travel to QQ group of mail way to promote their soft, but should be used with caution, or would be as spam. It is best to be active in the group for a period of time, so that others are concerned about you, you are a good impression, you can tell them about your travel agency.

third: chain extension on Links, is you for others also publicity, publicity for your people, to shoot two hawks with one arrow.

, don’t look for sites that the PR value than their low, otherwise careful into their free publicity page. Find the best friends of the chain website PR value higher than their not too much, otherwise others will not be willing to. First of all, a good attitude, polite and Adsense is always better than bad. Fourth: online advertising in the Internet era more and more popular

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