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[as early as in 2010, the major portals on the world cup to do enough to fight the various marketing tactics. The 2014 World Cup strikes, each big portal and will be put into a sports marketing war, by major events and enhance marketing performance of course but to do better, no ground for blame, it is not easy. The NetEase did not follow the routine play, is no longer a traditional portal thinking in selling World Cup advertising, more like the development of Internet products, exquisite world cup, and strive to make the best use of. [



one day, the world cup opens. As usual, a ball at the World Cup but will join the senior a pseudo fans, I can in writing more spare time to see the ball. However, compared with me, major portals to be more busy buddies.

compared with the other "portal + video" is no longer a NetEase to sell the traditional portal thinking in the World Cup advertising, more like the development of Internet products, exquisite world cup, and strive to make the best use of.

in the exclusive content, in addition to sending a team to Brazil to play first reported the SYPC, recording program, invite comments Taiwan, NetEase deputy editor Yan Qiang every morning to send a McCain ball "feast", pay the exclusive signing of Brazil and Spain two favourites, the two teams before the training, even the locker room video clips into 2, 3 minute video broadcast in mobile phone terminal. Think of Spain strong guys in the locker room… Enough to fall into a reverie.

in order to increase the interaction, the NetEase to spend billions of dollars to launch a truck line project – the World Cup star card". Hey, very familiar with it, think of our childhood to collect the viscose, the

star stickers?

NetEase buddy, a total of 16 seed team 110 star card, users can get online virtual card through a series of activities such as quiz, set any Qi 16 team in a team can receive a Tesla, Smart value of millions of prizes.

‘s Atlas, yo, but white today to try the next answer, senior pseudo fans immediately show form, famous star names answer, some recent football events, a new generation of stars has not asked the three. Fortunately, also pulled to the didi taxi, public comment, 360, micro-blog, Meizu mobile phone and a bunch of partners to support, for example, Didi taxi can get a virtual card; public comment order also get an…

NetEase small partner introduction, activities on the line three days, has not yet been promoted, on more than one million UV, the depth of participation of users on more than 400 thousand. Taobao also has been selling star card (I say Taobao sellers is highly sensitive to it), the most expensive one until the 8 event, it is rarely used ah.

also love quiz competitions and friends can go to the world cup quiz". This activity >

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