The 26 step to get site traffic

translation of an article Shawn The A Z Guide to Getting Website Traffic Campbell to.

26 step to get site traffic

1999 in September, Brett Tabke in the World forum wrote a 26 step to reach the day of 15000, "the Webmaster".

now has a lot of difference, it is time to consider a new "26 step plan" dedicated to the webmaster in 2006. Some of the old skills still apply (for example, every write new content), but some are not applicable (has not submitted the necessary steps to search engines), we’re here to tell you what to do and what not to do. You may already know that it’s not easy to bring traffic – hard work, a choice is a physical activity. So, if you’re ready, roll up your sleeves and follow this simple 26 step, within a year, you’ll get enough traffic to keep you busy.

A keyword research before doing any action, first with the keyword tool to do a wide range of surveys to see what keywords / words for your site. What key words do your direct competitors use? Are there any market potential keywords you have not found? Maybe you could develop a whole new situation?

B (domain name) if you want your company name to be branded, select a domain name that reflects it accurately. If your company is called yeewe, then sign up for, and if you have unfortunately been registered, then use. Do not use the cross bar (-), as far as possible not more than two combinations of two words.

C) avoid the sandbox after you determine the keywords and the name of the company, as soon as possible to buy your domain name. As soon as possible to get the site set up, put a simple page to tell others who you are, what to do, as well as the site details will come out immediately. Make sure it is Google and Yahoo. (can be submitted or connected to the station from other sites)

D) create content for your site to produce 30 pages of authentic original content. This will give the spider something to look forward to, and it will give you the opportunity to learn more from the search engine results.

E site design adhere to the "simple" approach. Call an external CSS file, clear the page on the Java Script code, using an external file to call them, do not use the framework, use Flash to use pictures, do not make the entire station Flash. Not to make the site garish, let visitors feel. Keep it clean and simple. Make it easy for visitors to find what they need without looking around.

F (page size) the smaller the KB of your page, the better

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