Learn this one minute to copy the dog

this is a copy of the dog series third.

is the first "learn the special skills, copy the dog every minute God".

second is the "learn this masterpiece," the dog copy of minutes.

Lenovo is a thinking way from here, is similar to or between different things, most likely to lead to the relevance of the imagination. According to the characteristics of products to establish contact with the relevant meaning of things, can make the advertisement creativity can stimulate the audience actively conform to no conventional pattern, to participate in the creative imagination, to complete the interpretation of advertising works.

Lenovo, this one, a total of 5 small.

first, close association

second, similar association

third, contrast Association

fourth, causal association

fifth, forced Association

now, let’s get high precise parameters.

first, close association

two things in time, space and experience are close to each other, by the perception of a thing and memories, will lead to the association of another thing, resulting in the corresponding emotional response.


, is a classic example of. That is the time to see plum, plum and all brain related feelings will be mobilized, think of the plum sour and sweet taste, nature will promote saliva secretion.

case: Baruel advertising deodorant shoes.

when you wearing a bunch of salted fish, estimated that everyone will leave you three feet away. Imagine our path is about this, fish – – smelling smelly smelly shoes – remove smelly shoes – Baruel deodorant shoes.


case: cure snore advertising.

if you sleep beside snoring, sleep is next to a pig. Pigs sleep – noisy Snoring – can’t Sleep Snoring – treatment.


second, similar association

due to the formation of similarities between things Lenovo, Lenovo or similar. By the nature, shape and content of a thing to think of other things or phenomena similar to it, and then produce a new vision. Such as: shikelang and tillage machine.

case: fruit advertising.

uses the shape of the fruit to resemble the sexy parts of the banana and thigh, apple and chest. In order to reflect our fruit is very sexy, very sexy Oh, let a person unable to hide greeds.




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