Overseas broadcast platform Kitty Live announced a 21 million A round of financing to globalization

January 19th, overseas broadcast platform Kitty Live announced the results achieved since the first half of the line, also announced the completion of $21 million A round of financing, the investor is in the city.

It is reported that

, Kitty Live is to build the China team global mobile broadcast platform, founder Sean served as director of the international market in ZTE, has ten years of experience in overseas market expansion, the core members of the founding team is broadcast platform Hallostar in the Chinese in Southeast asia.

Kitty Live in July last year, formally launched in Thailand, and then gradually visit Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and other countries. Kitty Live said that at present the total downloads of the application has more than 10 million into the multi application store list, topped the charts for many times in Thailand.

and earlier in some local broadcast platform, Kitty Live stick to the end of the line, to invite the local Top3 Mai Davika top star endorsements, and popular talk show Woody Talk the depth of cooperation, signed a number of red star network and a series of measures such as. Take the high-end route Kitty Live attracted more high-quality users. Compared to those who are keen on watching the crowd in the middle of the night, these users have a higher ability to pay and willingness to pay.

play outside, Kitty Live also tried other commercial forms. At present, Kitty Live has become OPPO, Lazada, Nubia and other business partners, held by Kitty Live sales activities live, conference broadcast, etc..

Kitty Live is the current round of financing investment has nearly 600 million users worldwide in the city. This round of financing, in addition to financial support, in the city in the global network of users, channel resources and mobile Internet technology research and development resources, will further expand the market for Kitty Live help.

currently, Kitty Live has begun in Latin America, Japan and South Korea, the Middle East, Russia and other places for the early layout. With the gradual popularity of live broadcast, the pattern will accelerate the formation of the head will soon appear. In the next few years, the domestic content of the company to the sea, will also become a hot spot.

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