From the blog to earn ten thousand yuan monthly legend

      see this title, perhaps some people say how possible. But I’ll tell you it’s true! Let’s look at a simple example, SOHU blog, for example, SOHU blog for each blog owner to provide a recent visitor function. Suppose my blog address is A, this time there are users 1, 2, 3, 4…… When I visited this A, then his name will remain in the list of recent visitors, and click its name can also be directly jump to the user 1, 2, 3, 4…… Blog up (pictured below).


      see the above paragraph that is very clear, you can build a blog, your name, avatar made attractive, as for how to attract the people themselves, is mainly based on the website content, such as you are beautiful pictures, beauty Tuga corresponding to you the temptation to engage in a name on it, and then log into your blog account, then stop browsing other high traffic blogs from other high traffic blogs by recent visitors with traffic to your blog.

      the flow into their own blog, you can think of the way to the flow of their own website. This is a lot of ways, here I introduce a relatively simple, but more practical methods. Still in the picture as an example, you can put some users in his blog love pictures, and then add a "next page" link in the picture below, but the link is pointing to your own website. In the same way, you can also apply to the article, put the first part of the article on the blog, and then click "next page" link to your site.

      you may say that this does not stop browsing blogs, which belongs to a mechanical operation, very tired, but as long as you find the right way, can let the computer automatically complete this operation, you are completely liberated.

      not only SOHU blog has such a function, SINA, Baidu space, etc. have such features. If you can grab ten thousand or twenty thousand IP per day from these blogs, then it is difficult to earn $10000!

      of course, each person’s practice will be slightly different, the effect is also different. But using this method to earn a few hundred dollars a day is very easy. There are some ways to attract traffic blog, welcome to join the blog traffic exchange group, the group number is 49094210

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