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Abstract: Amoy Mobile Games in May 2015, received tens of millions of yuan A round of investment, venture capital investment led by the Qing Branch, the blue harbor interactive with the vote; in June 2014 by the geeks and angel investors who help up millions of angel investment.

NewSeed message Mobile Games shoots trading platform Amoy Mobile Games received 100 million yuan B round of financing, the investor is Cerberus group. Amoy hand tour founder, CEO Yang Peng said that the current round of financing will be used to promote the platform, intelligent customer service and travel services to further expand the surrounding.

Amoy hand tour was founded in October 2013, is a hand travel trading platform, players can provide mobile phone games account, game currency, equipment and other products, such as hand travel services and other services. In simple terms, is to let the money into the game when the player does not need to be able to resell others, providing a platform for the game player trading services. Products are now covered by the PC and mobile terminal.


hand travel account can sell? Know less than 3% people!

The scale of

Chinese Mobile Games local market continued to grow in 2016, the total scale of the industry has grown to $10 billion, and the growth of Asia’s largest market, is expected to exceed $30 billion in 2020, the industry growth rate is still around 30%, compared to other forms of games, mobile phone games (mobile game) has become the first big game category.

although the market is mature and huge, there are nearly 600 million of the domestic hand tour players, but the players lack of awareness of the opponent’s tour of the transaction, less than 3%. Yang Peng said that the main task is to wash the hands of the hands of the tour is to allow more players to understand the value of hand travel hand travel account as a virtual property.

The distribution of

Mobile Games trading market is very casual, "to tell the 600 million Mobile Games account for game player is a protracted war," said Yang Peng, extension of the traditional model has not suitable for today’s Mobile Games trading market. Amoy Mobile Games since its inception has not been paid promotion, but to get the user through a set of universal game player promotion, each user acquisition costs less than 3 cents, while the cost of competing products to reach 8-9 yuan.

Yang Peng has more than a decade of experience in the game, the whole witness to participate in the page tour, the end of the tour and the development of hand travel. He believes that the early stage of development of the game industry is developing and offering more money to end, the middle channel profitability is more prominent, to the late, must carry on depth operation to the user, it will highlight the value of surrounding Mobile Games.

currently rely on the development of hand travel tour partner model. Low barriers to entry to Mobile Games transactions compared to other Internet industry, Amoy Mobile Games will hatch some small start-up companies, to provide capital, entrepreneurial crowd venues, training and other support, these small companies can help Amoy Mobile Games business, while helping to drive the development of the Internet industry in the midwest.

In addition,

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