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dating everyone you know? On TV recently hit "If You Are The One", "we meet it" is a hit variety show, they also heard recently opened channels abroad. Marketing is almost blind, the first impression is very important, second impression can improve the first impression, and so on, behind the impression will deepen the relationship between each other.

on a blind date, for example, talk about the same point of blind date and marketing:

question 1: blind date for the first time, I want to leave what impression?

this is related to my dress, it shows my taste; my talk, it shows my quality; my posture, it shows my accomplishment. If you want to make a good impression on each other, start from these aspects. Marketing is so, the first impression is very important, whether the network marketing or face-to-face marketing, talk show your speech to show your connotation, humanistic accomplishment, a good first impression for you not only bring back a connected sum of wealth and investment interests, will bring you more can use contacts.

question 2: blind date for the first time to meet successfully, meet the second meeting, you want to convey to each other what message?

second is more than the first time meet heavyweight meet, its meaning is not only related to the smooth, next time whether there is hope, and even includes a time before the extension of understanding, and the improved understanding. That is to say, in the first time smoothly enough on the basis of detailed, the second is an introduction and the chance to show themselves, is a turning point, make the impossible possible, it may slip into a tight grip in the hands of the opportunity. There is no doubt that the quality of your information will determine success or failure. Marketing is similar, the first time if you say next time, so this time you must seize the opportunity, because no third may, in other word evasive, we can be sure that the other party has not explicitly rejected you, there’s still hope, I think, we should always put the customer and talk as finally, the most important conversation, seize every opportunity to work hard. Because there are people in the local variables, there are variables that have the opportunity. A general in history once said: only those who are not afraid to die. This is not just a soldier who is not afraid of death. As generals and admirals, if the fear, worry about personal gains and losses, dare not give it a go, then he will not be able to play beyond the ordinary thinking battle, cannot become the real great general.

question 3: blind date dating, multiple impressions, how to keep

The blind date is

times is half success, and marketing have 2 previous business dealings, the subsequent is the brainchild of development, focusing on the maintenance of. To maintain a good impression of how to do? Easy advertising alliance that might as well be a gentleman, not caring tea, but also eager to timely greetings; not often accompany, it will send a small gift to show concern. In a word, treat others sincerely,

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