How to blog soft Wen propaganda

always listen to people say blog soft propaganda good, but the writing is quite a headache, estimates that many webmaster have such distress, rigged an article is really not easy. I have been suffering from this, do not use this way to promote. But recently saw a few IT blog, such as in the Ming, Mou Changqing and other people’s blog, found that the effect is really good, so determined, no matter how to spell a spell.

I think about their own strengths, there are four main: economic situation analysis, economic character research, stock technology analysis, site operations and SEO. Then start from the four, first draw up a framework.

first, the economic situation analysis

macroeconomic trends, my prediction has always been eight or nine from the ten, the principle of prediction is: "truth in the hands of a few people". Macro economy is mainly based on the current global economic analysis and conclusions, and the global economy is the core of the core, the U.S. economy by the Federal Reserve and Wall Street master, mainly analyzes clearly the two blocks, combined with the current employment trends, price trend, the trend of stock prices, the U.S. economy generally have a a frame. I analyzed the collapse of the financial system in the United States 2004 years ago, and in the last year of Bush’s rule.

macroeconomic situation I mainly from two economists, a London land Federation Fred · Harrison, he wrote a book called "2010 bubble", another Asian financial chief scientist Professor Lang Xianping, the two are beyond the age of the eye, the former predicted 18 years the financial crisis (1983 forecast for 1992 and 2010 Financial Crisis), which let Deron collapse, Kelon Mister prison, and predict China economic trends and often successful.

two, economic figures

read economic biographies I have seen in the past ten years, the IT industry biographies see more, such as Liu Chuanzhi, Shi Yuzhu, Ma Yun, Shen Napeng, Zhou Hongyi, Zhang Zhaoyang, Chen Tianqiao, Yang Yuanqing, Bill · Gates, of course; Li Jiacheng, Sun Zhengyi, Buffett and other world’s biography is also a must see.

also see a lot of IT’s biography, foreign Google, Microsoft, YAHOO and other famous enterprises is certainly must see the domestic well-known Internet company overall look, the four major portals (Sina, Tencent, Sohu, NetEase), Baidu, Shanda, SouFun, Ctrip net, Alibaba, Chinese chemical net, in addition, Hisense, Haier, Mengniu, wahaha…… As long as you can see the history of the development of enterprises in the library, I have turned over again.

roughly, successful enterprise is how successful, this I have cooked in the heart, of course, this refers to the macro level, the details of the operation is not my specialty.

three, stock technology trend analysis

based analysis of a number of technical books. "

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