30 days to create PR for the site and the site is 1 down solution

recently many webmaster friends often ask me that my station is just why the PR=1 site for a month, why their sites are more than half a year or even 1 years PR is equal to 0 and not the PR value information, has been asked how I do that, I’ll write today follow the prescribed order I do stand experience.

in third has been half a year, the course has been completed, a free forum play Oh. First I locate the forum content range is to do in the end who, according to their own professional learning and analyzes the popular online type, the final set in the image above the name of the site, due to the limitation of domain name: positioning graphics house was www.txtx5.com website domain name easy to remember! Oh, according to online information within 5 bits of this website more favorable.

best choice in the choice of domain name

site name and domain name and the content of the site are basically finalized, the next step will be introduced to promote the process of.

First I put the domain name

were divided into 2 sub domains bbs.txtx5.com and down.txtx5.com will ask why such things? It is actually very simple arrow three jiao, listen to me say, a good choice of the domain name website program, three domain names I chose three respectively by www.txtx5.com program easy tutorial program bbs.txtx5.com uses PHPWIND6.0 program to do the down.txtx5.com Forum last Dortmund website download station. The program is good. The next step is to add the content of the website.

first I spent a week Tutorial Station manual collection tutorial, Baidu is very good to me and collected 3 days every day I add articles are included, then I started to use the acquisition, after the acquisition of the title that modify the title with the collection of articles, it is quick tutorial site rich. My main purpose is to engage in the forum, so the next step is to start the promotion, and I have tutorial tutorials and stuff in the station connection form published in the appropriate forum the forum, and specialized in the forum set up exercises and the corresponding material (registration is required to download forum member). Because my specialty is the application of PS DR FR FLASH and their AUTOCAD software such as web design, so I will first start with the promotion of the QQ group, and specialized search high popularity and no group forum to join the QQ group, And to provide them with tutorial + exercises and material download, good grace began a few days there have been dozens of members, then I will add the QQ group and related graphics group promotion, although is the main group T over N times, but the effect is very good, members of the forum are increasing every day because I have good domain name remember it certainly does not exclude.QQ search engines are still attracted to group promotion, then I came to the Baidu post promotion every day with the theme of the forum forum post their own corresponding top >

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