What is the real word of mouth marketing

community word of mouth marketing platform shaped like God does not like

Mr. Zhou Hongyi called "community marketing platform", mainly for corporate customers, to help enterprises to collect in each network community about the company posts, and potential users to post or loyal users, forming a network user club, and these enterprises will be users, to persuade them to write and post for business card, "let network products, brands, services to enterprise’s own word of mouth civil text, thus forming a huge advertising effect. This is the traditional advertising can not match." In this regard, I believe that Mr. Zhou did not understand the word of mouth marketing, the true meaning, but just the form of word of mouth marketing, but the reality of the ordinary advertising model and moved to the internet.


" (The Ana Tomy marketing of Buzz) author of the book Emanuel? Rosen (Emanuel Rosen) said: "the word is all comments about the brand, is the sum of a certain product or service company, all the people of oral communication." The book also said that word of mouth marketing is a kind of moisten things silently, is a natural spontaneous behavior.

in fact, word-of-mouth marketing concept has been used in many video ads, such as infomercials, good use of "word-of-mouth marketing" concept, let the experts or users of the product benefits, so that consumers trust and purchase, although these experts and consumers are basically companies hired "Joe", but still played a very good sales results, but eventually cheats to be exposed, "Hu master" is an example.

look at Zhou Hongyi’s community word of mouth marketing platform purpose: to convince users to write favorable posts for the enterprise, so as to achieve word of mouth spread". Whether this is a spontaneous behavior? Whether is naturally? This obviously did not meet the requirements of Rosen Manuel? Word-of-mouth marketing, but also gives people the feeling of cheating. Launch a part of the qiang-shou, a product for the advantages of evaluation, this is a kind of cheating?

internet word-of-mouth marketing steps

I have said in the "NEC" Chinese exit notebook user comments fueled, internet word-of-mouth marketing is possible, but this is not a word of mouth marketing suspected of cheating, because this is like God does not like, do not understand the "word-of-mouth marketing" run thin silent truth. On the ladder of word-of-mouth marketing that "the Internet; let the information asymmetry situation is less and less, more and more easy to debunk lies. Honesty is the only way to win the favor of consumers."

word of mouth marketing is not only to promote the performance of the product, the purpose also includes the discovery of product defects and to improve, step by step to achieve the true word of mouth marketing, thus shaping the corporate brand. Personally think to do word of mouth marketing steps should be as follows:

the first step: find suitable to do on the network platform >

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