WeChat Taobao guest and QQ group Taobao guest how to do

just recently tested the project in the Taobao guest, the test is now third months, basically stable in a month 8K such income, the effect of a small sun, and then say the specific operating practices.


and then take a screenshot of some of the recent High Commission data


long ago, the more popular approach is related to the rebate network, but because Ali mother the data call, more trouble.

why would choose to do Taobao guest, because before their own reasons to open the Taobao store, the classification has a certain. This year the most popular gameplay is – QQ group and WeChat group

and I use the coupon site + QQ group practices

specific to everyone about the details of the practice

a, why choose QQ group and WeChat group QQ group and the advantages and disadvantages of the WeChat group in which?

is a special group formed a group, and we through QQ or WeChat can be the way to this group of people pushing information, than the site or other ways to simple, but also lower the threshold, more easy to operate.

QQ group’s advantage is that it can be banned, can be audited to add group personnel, to filter out the trumpet, advertising, and some are not precise customers, can also be multiple vest singing interaction, guide consumption, and relatively more resistant to attack, disadvantage is that many people now play WeChat, QQ group’s attention WeChat group is not so high.


group is used by many people, but also very obvious disadvantages, not good management, can not verify the gag, plus group of people, small, micro firms, advertising, especially. The WeChat group is very fragile, basically a report title, miserable.

two, how to choose the customer group? We need those people into the group?

in fact, the crowd is the best location for women, women, which is the best treasure mom. We may not think that this group of mothers in our lives is really the existence of god. Super purchasing power, first-class execution, a lot of spare time. This is why the derivative established Baoma reason.

do not pull away, back to the topic. In addition to treasure mom, in fact, there are segments of the crowd to do Taobao passengers, such as specialized photography class, do outdoor activities of the crowd, specializing in the car class, etc.. In fact, often in a group of interest inside the bubble for a long time, the more we can catch the needs of this group of people, resulting in the consumption of this particular group, is a very simple thing. Amoy circle, there are also some people into the nouveau riche group, recommended automotive parts and luxury consumer goods case, high commission.

but there is a relative threshold of this group, so today is still focused on the female group, the mother of treasure group play.

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