Marketing upstart WeChat in 2013 will be

yesterday saw a friend wrote on A5, WeChat has exceeded 300 million users, SEO who can calm it, I just look at the topic I know that they have not calm. Because as a Tencent under an instant messaging software, WeChat advantages, and meet a variety of silent Fetion software, the bound on the user level has done quite a place, and WeChat in the development speed of one year is quite amazing, has reached 300 million, in fact, I feel that this is a conservative estimate. According to my understanding in various media information that WeChat users should be close to 400 million, so a huge number of really let everyone envy.

But speaking for WeChat

directly help us SEO staff, I think it must be a straight line of brand communication and information communication, just before the friend said, when we were in production by micro-blog marketing event marketing information, the efficiency is ten percent, and when WeChat event marketing, its transmission efficiency it must be one hundred percent, because more information will be sent directly to the account designated by the other party, while micro-blog is a limited information bulletin, the elimination rate so fast that the waste of resources is serious.

and WeChat for the LBS function in the development of their choice to have more right to speak, as everyone knows, when WeChat is just on the line, many of my friends will love WeChat and about guns artifact unfamiliar street par, but from the 2 years of development, WeChat has thrown open the unfamiliar street more than two blocks. The reason is because the two different orientation. All along, WeChat will be located between the friends and the people you may know "communication platform, although not touch that has a solid social network, but unfamiliar street about gun marketing clearly for ourselves is to promote is hit, at this point, WeChat did not detours, but to avoid unnecessary trouble.

in WeChat for SEO with the help of not only reflected in the gather flow, stable website ranking, website for brand building is its real significance for us to optimize the existing staff. But behind the rapid development of WeChat is not worth pondering the problem? I think it definitely wasn’t as rare in recent years, Tencent successful products (except the game), WeChat carrying task is certainly quite huge, but it is also necessary in various fields and gradually improve their own vitality.

profitability, for this proposition before it has long been proposed, because WeChat is QQ binding and communication products, its itself is completely free, then as a user with more than 300 million products, only the services are provided free of charge, somewhat mind is not flexible, certainly not stupid by Tencent, further binding of WeChat, Tencent will have sufficient capacity to provide all services from online to offline, including friends, catering, entertainment and other consumer media, and this is the biggest advantage of Tencent. Before it was said that WeChat will be involved in O2O, although it has not been proven, but WeChat wants to do this fast, it is certainly a development.


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