He is from 90 business group which was frenzied to uncle

90 business, Internet brand, took the two investment products are condoms, one year only a product, claiming to be in Durex mouth – grab a meal when all these hot words posted on the elephant founder Liu Kenan body, the media has not likely to miss his entrepreneurial story.

But these are not

, billion state power network to write his reason.


, busy will eventually in the past, every outlet of the Internet have a bunch of people chasing the wind. For the entire Internet business groups, the same truth is bring forth the new through the old, the young people’s creativity is the future of productivity. In the beginning of 90 on entrepreneurship, billion state power network is concerned, the same is consumer brands on the Internet, 90 and 70 and 80

what is different?

these are not the same, not necessarily all right, is not necessarily suitable for everyone, but enough and can also be find everything fresh and new, catalyst 70 and 80 and update their wake.


challenge big name: you and I are not the same as

A new

Internet brand is not news, such as the field of clothing starry, Liebo and Yin, a few years ago the red day, such as the field of cosmetics, Royal mud square AFU early known. In the development of the electricity supplier for ten years, the Internet brand is almost dispersed in N multi category.

but no one wants to do a condom Internet brand, why?

first, because of the large number of condoms in the field, TOP3 brand almost occupied nearly 60% ~ 70% of China’s market. Two is the market can accommodate a limited number of condoms, such as supermarket shelves toothpaste toothbrush, the brand is nothing more than a few. Three condoms in the traditional perspective is a standardized product, can play tricks less. The analysis of Liu Kenan and the state power grid communication.

why do you want to do that, the elephant and


billion state power network to understand, the two founders of the elephant, before a sell millet mobile phone, a selling private plane. Liu Kenan told billion state power network, the reason of cross-border venture, original intention is very simple. "A man is not easy about his girlfriend, but in the end because of positive and negative night innocently tell condom and messed up, so he finally had depression to the end of his life, so we just want to do a out of the ordinary condoms themselves."


and uncle who start to analyze the market situation is different, Liu Kenan and her partner did not know at the time that Durex and Okamoto’s market share, also don’t know a box of condoms production costs and gross sales are high. Just draw a few drawings to find the investor, expressed the desire to do a single hand open and seconds points positive and negative condom.

afterwards Liu Kenan said that this is the ignorance of the fearless, only the idea, no resources, there is no PPT

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