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2013 electricity supplier in the field of hot topic will not be less online selling vegetables, the so-called fresh electricity supplier. The first year came a lot of failure cases, the success of the case has not yet heard how, are in the loss of money stage, which is the public opinion of the media, in fact, there is no sound on the rich do not know. In several cases of failure, many experts have analyzed a number of reasons, including logistics, inventory, capital, etc., are very professional. Here I also use their own vulgar language to express their views.

fresh electricity supplier is still a blue ocean, but the challenge may be expected to be less than traditional electricity supplier. Summary of several failure cases, they will be found in the food market thinking". The line is busy selling vegetables, but the line is another matter. Food market thinking is mainly reflected in the following points:

1, what are sold: trying to move the market to the

food market may be the most breath of life in a place, and to buy a meal that lively time is nothing to say. Some very intelligent e-commerce experts want to continue this lively on the Internet, what you want to sell, all levels of the goods have, trying to do a large and full online supermarket. As everyone knows, fresh line of cold chain inventory is very sensitive to a link, different things have to use different methods of storage, the cost is very large. Such as general leafy vegetables and root vegetables, melons and preservation conditions vary greatly, poultry and meat can not touch, can not be placed in cold storage of banana and so on, many are not sloppy all the minor details, and because the slightest negligence, may be a lot of the loss immediately can see.

2, waiting: waiting for customers to come to


market is not move, not a vegetable market boss will think the initiative to pull people to buy food, are waiting for customers. Some online selling vegetables also have this kind of passive psychology, website promotion is very extensive, confined to the network promotion, promotion is also adhere to the traditional forms such as search marketing, community promotion and so on. In fact, the traditional network promotion method is not applicable to fresh business platform, shopping crowd aunty majority, even for online shopping is poorly understood, let alone buy through search, community and micro-blog into your site. Through micro-blog search, etc. are usually in fodder flow, the conversion rate is very low. Don’t crowd is a way to promote docking and obviously problems, require enterprises to promote the brand not only in the field of network, more and more down to earth’s promotion.

people do not buy food online, Internet users do not buy food, fresh product life cycle is short, logistics sensitive and so on are the main problems to be faced fresh. In fact, these are the very traditional problem, obviously, but some high-end talent of electronic commerce is blind, causing false prosperity, line line scorched by the flames.

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